Sunday, February 3, 2013

DEATHMATCH: George Tutman VS Mike Windgren

It's a dark night, the waves crash against the shore, and a swirl of smoke from a nearby bonfire stings the nostrils. The smell of blood is in the air, the heat of battle is upon us, and Acapulco will never be the same...

That's right.

And tonight they fight in...


This commonly used fighting ground is in a little known area in Acapulco, close by the beach, and plays host to a lot of deathmatches. Today's gladiators have chosen this site over the beach, due to possible public humiliation, should either party (or both) lose the fight.

Lets look at the stats.

He has awesome hair.
He can sing.
He can dive 136 feet off a cliff and land safely in the water.
He can play the guitar like a madman.
Most of all HE CAN FIGHT!!!

He has awesome hair.
He can cook.
He has fought Jimmy Hitler, and won.
He is brutal.
He is a well regarded underground Wrestler.
Oh yes sir he can FIGHT!!!!

The local asian elderly squad are flapping wads of cash at eachother, and the local police force are also getting in ont he action, viciously anticipating the fight.
The surly burly Gil Bradley stated the following earlier today at lunch:
"Windgren is $19.20 to win by KO or TKO, whilst underdog Tutman has quickly risen from $0.10 to $1.16. The money says that not only will Tutman win, but he'll win by putting Windgren on the canvas violently. Maybe even put him in the ground, six feet under, if you get my drift."

You heard it right folks, the money speaks for itself. Windgren with his smooth silky voice and gyrating hips, may not have what it takes to best the brash, unpredictable whirlwind that is George Tutman.

Well, folks it was a pretty quick fight. Windgren stepped into the ring, launched a full scale attack, slamming into Tutman full force. The dirty tackle threw Tutman to the ground, but unscathed, the tenacious Tutman threw his warty foot straight into Windgrens testicles. A dirty shot I know, but effective nonetheless. Windgren, whilst stumbling in obvious pain towards the corner of the ring, was set upon by the rabid Tutman who ran after him and began to thump him fair and square in the lower spinal region repeatedly.

Windgren fell, and was soon pinned down by Tutman, for the full duration, losing the fight and his rockabilly dignity along with it. He was then dragged off the ring by George and his brother Michael, and thrown in the back of a blue van.

Bad luck for Mike Windgren, good luck for the energetic, if somewhat odd fellow George Tutman. 

P.P.S: Follow up BLOOD DINER with FUN IN ACAPULCO, but only if you are in a really bad mood.

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