Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Power Of Jeff Bridges

Lets all fill a hall or something. Wait, lets fill something bigger. Something like a stadium of some sort. Lets fill it full of randoms (don't ask me the hows, tell them that were giving away joker dollars or something).
We get up, ask those randoms who have seen a film with Jeff Bridges.
Everyone bar the babies raise their hand, dont hold it against the babies though.

Whether or not you even like movies, or have only seen a few in your life, chances are you either know, or have seen a film with Jeff Bridges in it. The guys in everything. He has dominated his way across the planet and managed to weasel his way into eveyones home via their tv's or whatever since the late 50's. Hell we even know his brother and father, we're clued into his FAMILY people!

I can remember watching King Kong (1976) when I was a wee babbie, and loving it of course, although completely baffled and confused as to what the dad from Beethoven was doing in the jungle chasing Kong, like Beethoven was the least of his problems. This was followed by Tron and Starman, before I was ten, and before I had any idea who Jeff Bridges was.
Like I said, before I was ten.

This is the guy.

The same shit is happening now! I'm going to the movies 20 years later with the cinema being packed full of children, watching movies like Tron: Legacy and Iron Man. It's amazing that I can still go see a film with Jeff Bridges, and he's got just as much presence as he did in the 80's and before. We all knew he stole the movie from everyone else in Tron: Legacy.

My hope is that these kids will grow up, watch Iron Man when they are 20 and then go, hey that bald goatee guy was tits, what else is that crazy bastard from? Then stumble across The Big Lebowski, Bad Company, Stay Hungry (oh man, go fucking watch that please), or The Fisher King.

As a fan of his work, I generally give anything he does the benefit of the doubt. I even watched Seabiscuit, which I'll have you know is not too bad, all it needed was every other actor to be on par with Bridges, then it would have been a more interesting film.
Sometimes I'll just scan the DVD shops and bargain bins, and if I see either Nick Nolte, James Woods, Eric Roberts or Jeff Bridges, among others, chances are I'll be buying that shit. 8 Million Ways To Die was found in this manner.

I put it like this, say if you are a fan of Walter Hill, and you love the usuals, films like The Warriors, 48 Hours, or even Streets of Fire, you want more, so you seek out his lesser known films. You wind up with his best. Films like Southern Comfort, Extreme Prejudice, and The Long Riders. Then your journey as a fan gets more exciting, and you try to see if there are more up his sleeve.
This is how it is with 8 Million Ways To Die.

Jeff Bridges plays Matt Scudder, a disgraced alcaholic who used to be on the police force and is now just a  burnt out half assed PI. He confusingly gets caught up with Rosanna Arquette, Stephanie from Baywatch, a livid Andy Garcia, and Tiny fuckin Lister. Its based on the book by Lawrence Block, and is the only adaptation made about the character of Matt Scudder for the screen. It was Andy Garcia's first leading role, and Oliver Stone wrote the motherfucker.

The only movie you will ever see Jeff Bridges and Andy Garcia eating Snow-Cones.

This article isn't so much about the movie, as it is about Jeff Bridges, and how awesome he is. I don't need to write a review on this film or anything, if it was shit I would have put the DVD back in its place, forgotten about it, had a laugh, not bothering about wasting my time writing an article. All you need to know is that Bridges is awesome in it, Steph from Baywatch is high for most of it, and Rosanna Arquette is a hottie.
Basically its a case of a whole heap of awesome things coming together to make an awesome film, and luckily none of these awesome things cancel eachother out. It's more like a firestorm, when a bunch of scary ass fires come together, and collide to make the perfect fire.

My hope is that you stopped reading as soon as you saw the Snow Cone picture, and either went straight to ebay or to your local DVD outlet to either hire or purchase this movie. Hell, while you are there, go and buy a whole heap of others that you probably haven't seen of his.
Go have yourself a Bridgeathon, and thank me later.

"That's right, Morgan Freeman as Mandela, I got the oscar for being a country and western singer."

And as much as I said before that this isnt a review on 8 Million Ways To Die, I still want everyone reading this to watch it if they havent already, so heres the trailer for it, which hopefully entices you even more.

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