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My top 10 movies of 2012

I hope you like my top 10 list of 2012! I would love to hear your responses and I would love to hear what your top 10 of 2012 are!!! 

Friday, December 28, 2012

Jerry Goldsmith: 1960 to 1980

Hi Folks, hope Christmas was rad, and you got a shit ton of wicked presents from Santa Klaus Kinski and watched a shit ton of awesome Christmas time films!

I don't want to beat around the bush, so I wont.

I love Jerry Goldsmith. Don't know who he is? That doesnt matter, although by the end of this epic three part article, I have a feeling you will. Even if you arent hip like me, and sit around all day listening to movie soundtracks on record, chances are you would recognise some of Goldsmiths work. Be it First Blood, Star Trek: The Next Generation, or even the psychotic carny music from Gremlins.
Chances are you have heard at least one of his themes and walked around in a circle at work whistling them to yourself amongst curses for sounding like a dweeb.

Jerry Goldsmith was born in 1929 in sunny L.A. (thats Los Angeles, you loser) and was very jewish.
After growing up learning the in's and outs of music as a whole, young Jerry found himself suddenly inspired by Miklos Rozsa's score to Spellbound, and from there, the rest as we know it, is hollywood history.

I have selected three of Jerry Goldsmiths greatest scores from between 1960 and 1980, which is no easy task i'll have you know. There are quite a few honorable mentions, and with that on top of the amazing work he produced for television, this would be a never-ending list. Please understand that these selections are based on love for the film and score AS WELL AS technicality and pure musical beauty. I understand that in some countries it may be a crime not to include Star Trek: The Motion Picture or Chinatown on this list, but it just goes to show that while those scores were magnificent, there were indeed better ones.

1976: Logan's Run

Logan's Run is one of those movies that when you look at the cover you go WOW... seventies.
This is somewhat true. The film is set in the far future, but has that kitschy seventies flair to it, giving it a dated, but entertainingly nostalgic feel. The film may come off as shiny and fun, but anyone who has seen it more than once outside of it's original release date can agree that this film has a eerily sinister undertone to it. This is aided by Goldsmiths pulsing, haunting score. And you get it in your head for days.
Have a listen, and envision the future.

1976: The Omen

There are very few scores out there that scare the fucking shit out of me. This is one of them.
Goldsmiths terrifying melodies (which earned him his only oscar) accentuate the anguish of Gregory Peck's character Robert, as he tries to come to terms with the fact that his son Damien may be the son of Satan.
Anyone who comes up to me and complains that this film is boring and outdated have either never watched the movie, or never taken care of a child. It just goes to show that a movies themes and ideas live well beyond the movie itself.
And so does the music.
This music will usher in the end of the world.
The sky will turn blood red, the sun black, and this music will be playing.
Get over that and turn it up loud, give yourself a chill.

1979: Alien

There honestly isnt much that can be said about Alien that hasn't been said before. The film went on to spawn three sequels, and two quasi sequels, and has become one of the biggest franchises in cinema history. It all started here. Over the years i feel that the move has lost it's impact on the general public, seeing it as a B-Grade sci-fi horror, made only to get to the sequel. Sure we were spoilt so badly by Aliens, that it made Alien 3 shit, and the first Alien pale by comparison in the horror stakes. People forget the mystery, the sheer terror and suffocating claustrophobia of the first film.
Jerry Goldsmith uses a mixture of soothing classic tones and stinging, sharp slices to get the point across.
To a point, this has to be one of the most heavily imitated sci-fi scores in film history. Much like Holsts 'The Planets' set the benchmark for all sci-fi film scores to imitate before this film, this film score set the benchmark for all other film composers who have composed a sci-fi film in their time since.
Much like the film itself, spawning countless imitators over the last thirty or so years. Some of the main theme was even blatantly stolen and placed in Marc Streitenfeld's score to Prometheus, trying in the themes of cosmic mystery established by Goldmsith himself.
This music will be playing as I take off into outer space in my rocket.

So it's apparent that while Jerry Goldsmith did compose from the start of the 50's and right through the 60's, it seemed that it was during the 70's that he made his mark and hit his stride as a composer.
There were so many more to choose from, but the above three, in an aural sense, made Goldsmith a talent to be reckoned with, and the sounds and the ideas incorporated into his music resonated throughout the next 30 years.
Stay tuned for next week, where we will continue through with 1980 to 1995.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Worst Movies on my viewing radar of 2012!

What a year it has been! There has been some great movies that have come out at the cinema and some terrible ones. There are also a few films I subjected myself to which are fairly old too...yep this is one of those lists!

I get intrigued when I find $2 movies in bargain bins because I am all for watching terrible movies, because I am sure there is something I can laugh at! But there have been movies where I have wanted to gouge my eyes out and stab myself repeatedly. So here is my list!
Vampire Assassin - All kinds of WHAT THE FUCK...a 1000 dollar rip off, of Blade...and the movie is filmed so dark you have to squint at the TV to actually see what is happening...if you want to enjoy this, Vanilla Coke and Dr Pepper will not enhance the may need to be on a mixture of speed, cocaine and LSD. Look at this terrible poster...the tagline reads 'His Blade is Sharper'...pretty sure it isn't. Because if his blade was sharper then the main vampire would have freakin' died earlier on in the movie BUT HE DIDN'T. 

Blue Demon - You think people in other shark movies are stupid? Well this takes the freakin' cake. The CGI is just unbearable. The acting is just terrible. And it isn't even violent...Tiff, Jake and I were sitting there saying how there was barely any violence and then we looked on the DVD cover and you know what it says? 'INFREQUENT VIOLENCE'..why the HELL would we want to watch a shark movie with infrequent violence...was sickening. Look I even found the DVD cover, what does it say???INFREQUENT VIOLENCE! I Would like to strap the director to a chair and make him watch this movie, because I am pretty sure he hasn't even seen the end product!

Prisoners of the Lost Universe - He Man RIP OFF! I do not remember much about it besides the fact that John Saxon is in it...something about travelling into another alternate universe...something about the blonde girl being a slave to John Saxons character. I dont know how it ended because we were just talking and expressing our sheer disgust for this movie...hey we were probably talking about movies we actually ENJOY watching...and Prisoners of the Lost Universe is something we definitely did not enjoy. Oh and just so you know the poster you can see from the movie is totally is not as action packed as it looks..there was probably more action in the latest Jane Eyre film. 

Now something dreadful happened one night...if you were present on this particular night you will remember the awful things we witnessed. No words can describe the horror of this next movie...Kickboxer King. Well it started off promising, it looked like it was going to be a really shit D grade American Martial Arts movie which I would have enjoyed...and then something happened...another story came into the film which threw us all off...we had no idea what was happening and we were certain that at some point in the movie the two plots would connect...Two hours nearly pass and we are praying that at the end it all comes together...and it didn't. It was just fucking terrible. But it turns out after I did some research that it was in fact two different movies just put together. Forums have suggested that the money for both films had run out so they thought 'HEY LETS ADD THESE TWO MOVIES TOGETHER THEIR PLOTS ARE TOTALLY THE SAME'....their plots couldn't have been more different. So think of everything you hate about movies and put them in a blender and add half the script to Rocky III and you have Kickboxer King. 

So take my advice kids and do NOT watch these movies. Unless you really hate your life, and can't see it going anywhere. You never know you may see some similarities to the castration that is your life...but since only awesome people read this blog and not wet blankets I can see I have scared you off watching such things. No it's alright no need to thank me, you don't need to put me in your will, just maybe buy me a Dr Pepper some time. 

Monday, December 24, 2012

My tribute to Van Damme.

Growing up I just idolised one man...

All I wanted was to meet this great man who constantly made me happy with his martial arts, his cheesy lines and...his splits. 
For a long time he hasn't got the recognition or the respect that he truly deserves. But slowly fans are coming out of the woodwork because of one film...Expendables 2. 

Fans are now coming together and bonding over this amazing man again. My love for Jean-Claude Van Damme has never left. The first movie I ever saw him in was Kickboxer and that was when I knew it was love. Every time I watched his movies especially Kickboxer I felt invincible. He made me feel I could do anything and I could beat the shit out of attitude I took around for a while and yes I did beat the shit out of several people who deserved it...Okay the people I beat up didn't paralyse my brother or cut off peoples ears BUT it was still warranted. 

My older brother was the one responsible for me loving martial art movies and loving the movies of Van Damme, and as I grew older my love grew. But unfortunately for my older brother he just thinks martial art movies and Van Damme are a bit of a joke and to that i say GOOD DAY TO YOU SIR!!!! I SAID GOOD DAY!

I remember in year 9 we had school diaries which we had to take with us everywhere and write our homework to do list inside it. Now everyone at the snobby girls school that I went to gave their diary a make over with pretty things and very 'pretty' boys aka Orland Bloom, Johnny Depp(they were the hottest thing at the time...apparently). The front of my diary had a poster of the film Kickboxer, which had Van Damme and Michel Qissi aka Tong Po on it. And then you opened it up and there was pictures of Van Damme, Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren, Bruce Lee, Ralph Macchio and Mike Tyson. As you can see I wasn't an ordinary 14 year old...but these guys made me feel awesome inside and I felt if I liked these movies nothing else mattered.

In year 12 I rented Kickboxer every single week...that actually isn't any exaggeration, that really did happen. I would rent it every friday after school and then run those several kilometres home and watch it again. I get very emotional when I think of Van Damme, because he has been around since I can remember and to this day he still kicks ass. I do remember the first time I saw Kickboxer and it blew my mind. My older brother rented it and I remember not being able to take my eyes away from the screen...even though Tong Po scared the shit out of me as a kid(and many nights I thought he was gonna come and beat the shit out of me), I still loved his character. 

Sure Kickboxer is his best movie by far in my opinion but he has made a tonne of other films which are freakin amazing which are
  • No Retreat No Surrender
  • Black Eagle
  • Cyborg
  • Bloodsport
  • Wrong Bet
  • Double Impact
  • Universal Soldier
  • Nowhere to Run
  • Hard Target
  • Timecop
  • Street Fighter
  • The Quest
  • Maximum Risk
  • Double Team
  • Legionnaire 
  • In Hell
  • JCVD
  • Dragon Eyes
  • Expendables 2
Sure you may be looking at this list and thinking 'Oh those are his better known ones', and yes you are partially correct but not every single one of them did good at the box office, it was because of the true fans out there who will watch whatever movie he does. And all these people that dig what he does will tell everyone they know that will love his movies. Obviously video rental is in decline now but in the 90's people would fight someone over the new Van Damme movie, because that is how in demand he was. He was a household name. And every time an advert came on TV showing you the new Van Damme movie which is FINALLY getting played at 8.30 on Channel 10, you would lose your shit. Don't deny this people, you all fired up. WE ALLLLLLLLLL FIRED UP. 

Van Damme seems to have a stigma attached to himself because of the dumb shit that people associate him with. Sure he has done some shit movies,but which actor has got a clean slate as far as all the movies they have starred in?..NONE. He has made some brilliant movies which fire me up and make me want to kick down trees. 

You know a film maker or an actor has done their job when all these years on you are still watching their movies and they still make you feel awesome. That is how I feel about his movies, hence why I fan girl over them...a lot. 

I have a lot to thank this man for. He has brought me so much happiness and he also made me connect with some of the best pals I could ever ask for...Hence why we are called The Van Damniens. 

Now go and watch Kickboxer...just do it. 

Friday, December 21, 2012


Just a warning, this is not a First Blood, or a John Rambo retrospective article.
Just another warning, this is a retrospective article.
One final warning, you are about to want to go - as Huey Lewis and the News put it - Back In Time.

In the real world Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands, a spanish priest tried to stab the Pope, The Commodore 64 made its glorious debut, and in Northern Ireland, the government let Homosexuals bone each other at the same age as Heterosexuals, paving a glittery road for homosexual rights all across the world.

In the only world most of us care about, so much shit happened that in retrospect, it may be hard to fathom.
Michael Jacksons 'Thriller' was released, for a start. I dare say that this song and album had much more of a cultural impact than the entire Falklands War. If only argentina stopped and started dancing to thriller, then who knows???

The following movies came out in 1982, dont cry:

First Blood (duh)
Rocky III,
E.T: The Extra Terrestrial (also biggest box office draw of the year)
The Thing,
Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan,
Conan the Barbarian,
The Dark Crystal,
The Sword And The Sorcerer,
Class of 1984,
48 hours,
Turkey Shoot,
Young Doctors In Love,
The Swamp Thing,
The Wall,
Night Shift,
I, The Jury,
Cat People,
Grease 2,
The Beastmaster,
Blade Runner,
Forced Vengeance,
Friday The 13th: Part III,
Cat People,
Flying High II: The Sequel,
Basket Case.

And thats just to name a few!!!!
30 years ago, some of the most influential, and amazing films came out. I implore you to name a year outside of this that this many decent films emerged from.
Stallone had his second franchise and his first going on in the same year.
John Carpenter released what many consider to be his crowning acheivement.
Ridley Scott came in with a left hook and knocked us on our asses with Blade Runner.
Jason found his iconic mask.
Eddie Murphy made his feature film debut.
A legendary team up between George A. Romero and Stephen King produced one of the best anthology horror films ever created.
Star Trek re-invented itself and made the franchise what it is today.
Arnold Schwarzenegger as Conan. That is all.
Adrienne Barbeau rocked up in Swamp Thing AND Creepshow!

The fucked up thing about the above list, is that I havent even named them all.

Have you got a favorite film from 1982? Comment below!

Just tell it to call you Billie YOU BITCH!!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Getting Hard Over Hardware

So, its that time of the year again. In many countries, people are fighting ice and snow, and laughing at Game of Throneses oncoming winter, throwing their copies of Ice Station Zebra in the bin. While in our little continent of Australia, we are sweating our balls off, terrified to touch our steering wheels and trying our best to survive the hordes of crazy drivers, whose feeble minds have been affected by the heat.

Yep, it's Christmas alright. And what better way to escape the heat and humidity, by throwing on the air con, shutting off all the lights, and ignoring your droll life to slip into a new one by way of a cheery Christmas movie!
There are so many to choose from, Die Hard, Die Hard 2: Die Harder, Gremlins, Scrooged, Christmas Evil, Silent Night, Deadly Night, Silent Night, Deadly Night 2: Silent Night Deadly Nightlier.

Theres one big problem with all of these films... It's fucking snowing!
What better way to mess with your head than to watch a snowy movie, then to go outside to piss in the garden, only to have the heat hit you like Robocop's spiky fist.

So you go to the shops. Dont ask me why, I'm not you. I went to the shops today just to buy a steak to cook. So, you go to the shops, figure you may aswell get a couple of Christmas presents, it's that time of year after all. You are looking at blurays, because thats just what you do! Pick up a copy of Prometheus, think, oh, Mum will like that.Then you think to yourself, well fuck everyone else, it's my money, I'm going to buy myself something. By the way, don't lie to yourself and say that you've never done that before.

You see a strange film called "Hardware". It looks like this:

You laugh and go "Looks like an Americanised version of The Terminator" Put it down and pick up Titanic 3D instead, having reminded yourself of how brilliant James Cameron is, and how you have a secret SECRET love affair with Titanic and that you watched it about eight hundred times at the cinema because the ads told you to "See It AGAIN" (!!!) You bloody sheep.

You just put down one of the most fucked up and awesome science fiction movies of the 90's you retard.

Granted, it wasnt even fucked up when it came out in 1990.
Anyone who is familiar with the director Richard Stanley and his amazing but very limited back catalogue, will know that all of the two feature films that he directed were maimed and chopped to shit by the powers that be. Dust Devil, his second feature after Hardware, was disgracefully cut not just of violence, but of key story elements and set pieces vitally important to the flow of the film. The theatrical cut gave us a mere glimpse of what could have been a really amazing and important film. Thankfully, Dust Devil is now available in a beautifully restored Final Cut DVD, along with a backup of many of Richard Stanleys short films and intriguing documentaries.
Same goes for Hardware. It's a hard film to push, seeing as when most people saw it in the 90's it was a cut up, horrendously UN-violent film.

For the uninitiated, Hardware is loosely based on the 2000AD comic strip "Shok" about a war robot loose in a ladies apartment with only one mindset, to kill.
So, in the post apocalyptic future Stacy Travis plays Jill, a hi-tech junkie artist who creates metal sculptures. Her intergalactic soldier partner Moses, played by Dylan McDermott, who brings her a steel skull that he purchased from a junkyard owner. The steel skull springs to life, and jacks itself into Jill's apartment, using the sculpture she created as its new body. It goes fucking nuts and tries to kill all life.

This is a very minimal explanation of what the film is about though.

The movie plays out like a Richard Laymon splatterpunk novel, with a splash of Frank Millers "I don't give a fuck WHAT you think" attitude, and this definately works in it's favor.
With the new bluray and the Severin special edition DVD (which i personally own) Richard Stanley has had all of the violence and the nastiness re-instated, making this version the ULTIMATE way to view the film. Chuck out all previous incarnations if you own them, and replace it with this supreme version of the film.

With the new version of the film you get the following:

Eye gouging!
Door Crushing

Even without all the extra violence, you still get:

Dylan McDermott with obligatory Metal Hand!
Stacey Travis' Eyes!
Rambaging Robots!
Jek Porkins playing a fat pervert!
Dylan McDermott blasting a shotgun uncontrollably out a window!

If the above things don't tempt you enough then you are visiting the wrong fucking blog. I Mean, Metal. Fucking. Hand.

I know right? You totally want one of these.

I don't need to review this film, you can go anywhere on the internet and find good reviews anywhere.
The biggest concern with the stigma that this film has attached to it, is it's original release response. A hollowed out film entered the world and gave people an impression that has lasted to this day.
Outrageous comparisons to Alien and Terminator are just the tip of the iceberg. Check out IMDB where the lad who wrote the featured review says "It's no Aliens, but it has a lot of interesting things happening."
Sure! Aliens is no Alien, but it sure has a lot of interesting things happening.
Drawing comparisons to completely unrelated films is a very tiresome exercise.
I could sit here all day and tell you why Dune is better than Avatar.
I mean they share a similar premise, fish out of water, becomes a badass, leads people, becomes one of the people, draws off the badguys, people love the guy, guy becomes the king.
Two big differences, one has giant sandworms, the other has dragons and where one is rich in story, the other is rich in special effects.
Alien and Hardware's only similarity is the idea of a woman being trapped. They arent even close either. Ones trapped in sapce where no-one can hear her scream, the other in her apartment where fucking everybody can hear her scream, but no-one gives a shit.

Did i mention that this film is set during Christmas time? No? This makes Hardware the one Christmas film that you can watch that is not snowing for once, and is dirty, hot and gritty!

So go back from the counter, put back Titanic 3D, I mean you have the four-disc dvd already, and you don't even have a 3D tv you drogo. Pick up the Hardware bluray, its cheaper, shorter, more violent, more sassy, a lot less classy, sexy, sleek, and it packs one hell of a fucking punch, right in the goodamn groinals.

This film needs to be on the top of your things to do list.
Take my word for it, and buy the motherfucker. You'll thank me later.

Do you hate Mondays? I know I do!

I hate Mondays, so every Monday we will tell you what we hate...and you will LOVE it...or hate it...whatever floats your boat!

Is there anything you hate about the movie industry? Let us know guys! We wanna hear your feedback!!!!
Here there pals! 
Here is our video of our very random car rant about movies!!! I hope this inspires you to watch Showgirls and not Castaway....

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What is in a top 10 movie list?

What is in a top 10 movie list of all time? This is the question I ask myself daily. People say it is impossible to have a list like this because there are so many movies and obviously if you are in a certain mood that can affect your choice. 

I believe that it is not impossible. I am one of those kind of people who has seen certain movies literally several hundred times. And I believe it's these movies that we have seen all these times which tap into our brain and make us feel amazing. 

There is nothing worse than reading those movie books which are telling you what they think are the best movies of all time...but they only seem to mention classics, films which made a dent in the box office and films that won a lot of Oscars, and cult and foreign films which seem to only appeal to a select group of people. Well screw that I am here to tell you those lists are wrong...DEAD WRONG. The worst lists are from Empire magazine...the staff that work there are clearly people who tried making movies and failed miserably because they took all their ideas from every David Lynch movie ever made...just sayin. Hey bro just because you like shitty movies does not mean you should make everyone else endure your boring shit!!!

But what about the movies that are not what you would consider to be in these lists? You know the genres I mean; Exploitation, American martial arts, Spaghetti Westerns, Horror, Action etc. These are the kind of movies I grew up with and my best friends did too. And they understand the frustration of these stupid 'Best movies list'. 

A top 10 list shouldn't be just what movies you dig, they should be the movies you love, the ones you can identify with, the ones which have shaped your life and personality. And if you really think about it, you will find your top 10. 

As a kid I grew up loving American martial art movies more than ANYTHING. And they really did shape me, and made me think I was invincible, especially when I was getting picked on by the school bullies for being a hyperactive weird child. It was these movies which made me go into another world and feel awesome. Kickboxer was my favourite Van Damme movie and to this day it still is. This is the movie I just got addicted to and it made me feel so damn awesome. I would imitate the fight with Tong Po with my older brother and we thought this was the greatest movie ever made. Most kids were into the 3 ninjas(which were cool) but man as a child I realised movies as violent as Kickboxer were my kind of flavour. 

See it's memories like this which make me believe that those certain movies are worthy of being in your personal top 10. Sure it's a lot of effort to make these kind of lists, because you have to sift through all the movies you have seen and how they made you feel then and how they make you feel to this day. And if the film still makes you feel incredible...the movie has done its job...VERY DAMN WELL. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Film A.K.A's: Good? or Just Shit?

Yes, whats in a name?
We all have our favorite films or film. We either grew up with it, or we just recently stumbled upon it.
BUT! What if, that film you so love was released with an entirely different name?
Oh my God, I know right, MIND EXPLOSION!!!
 Yeah yeah, I know this shit is obvious! You're saying: "Mate, I know that films aren't always released with the working title attached, 90 percent of the time they change it during pre-production, der."
To that, I say shut up.

How different would your life be if they decided to excise the Judgement Day from Terminator 2: Judgement Day. It would be devastating!!! I mean, I kind of forgot it was even called Terminator 2: Judgement Day, I just call it Judgement Day. Or T-2. It doesnt have that epic ring to it without it. Terminator 2 on its own, is just a sequel (a fucking GOOD sequel, mind you). With the added juicyness of the second half of the title, it ropes you in, and goes "Hey guys, Terminator 2: Motherfucking Judgement Day and shit. End of the world, all that hand jive."

Although, the lesser intelligent may dismiss it for a court drama.

Here are a few movies you may (should) know that almost went to screen (and in some cases DID in other countries) with an entirely diferent name.

ET: The Extra Terrestrial, was at first named Night Skies, and ET was a evil little alien shit, then the tune changed, a new motif was found and they changed the title to...A Boys Life??? Now come on, thats shithouse. They could do better than that surely? Oh yeah, they did.

Chopping Mall, was indeed called Killbots at one stage, and in some countries, still is. However I prefer the title Roboty Smerci. That just sounds dirty. Killbots make a lot more sense than the cash grabbing title of Chopping Mall though. Funnily enough, its about killer robots.

Army Of Darkness, nuff said. For the ignorant, this is the third entry in the Evil Dead trilogy of goofball slapstick horror films by Sam Raimi. So naturally it contained the moniker Evil Dead III. Fitting enough I suppose. Some VHS and even DVD's still carry this title as a sub-title to Army of Darkness. Although, the original title, and a title that still remains on some bootlegged VHS cassettes is Evil Dead III: The Medieval Dead. 

I know I know. Pretty Woman. Well screw you, its actually awesome, and Richard Gere is the man.
Anyway, this film was originally titled 3000. Which is what Gere paid Roberts. Whilst the title may make a bit of sense, it does kind of make it sound like it was set in the future. In the year 3000 to be exact.

There isn't much that can be said about Blade Runner that hasnt been said already, except, watch what you say about it, lest Ridley Scott delete you. 
This film went under a bullshit amount of names before settling on Blade Runner, like the original book title Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep, Android Mechanismo, and the longest lasting Dangerous Days, the latter of which made the grade for the three hour long doco on the making of this film.
Bottom line? Outside of the book title, those other names suck. Blade Runners where it's at.

Other titles that never made the grade, are:
Unforgiven: The Cut-Whore Killings.
Goodfellas: Wiseguy
Star Wars: Blue Harvest
Basic Instinct: Lover Hurts (yeesh)
The Breakfast Club: The Lunch Bunch.
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Head Cheese. (I am not even joking, watch the dvd special features.)

Now while I would rather own The Lunch Bunch on DVD, i am more of a breakfast guy at heart, and know deep down that Eggs and Bakey wins over a sandwich any day of the week.
On that note, enjoy your weekend, and have breakfasts aplenty.

Check us out on facebook, and let us know what alternative titles you would have rather seen on movies that you love or hate!

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