Monday, December 17, 2012

Do you hate Mondays? I know I do!

I hate Mondays, so every Monday we will tell you what we hate...and you will LOVE it...or hate it...whatever floats your boat!

Is there anything you hate about the movie industry? Let us know guys! We wanna hear your feedback!!!!


  1. interesting you should mention people who just dont get movies. your opinion on the movie 'snow town' was so immature it wasn't even funny. how can u judge a movie as being so bad when you clearly dont even understand it... its a true story! a raher fresh true story as far as films go.the victims families are not going to want to watch a horrific reenactment of their loved ones being murdered. these where REAL people. and you wanted to see more gore, more action... its revolting. you seem to think you know alot about movie making, strange that you simply didnt pick up on what was being said everytime there was a scene involving the cast eatting. it wasnt to build drama. it was to add to the 'realism' of it. the food, the quiet, the sorrow, the people. its all so very real. the povety of the family, the area and whole town. these are clearly the ramblings of a person who has never had to deal with such things,who is so far from these people that they cant understand struggles of the average australian family, fighting each day on the doll, or minimum wage to feed your children with burnt toast a baked beans, because it's all you can affort! THATS what those scenes where saying! im not particularly a fan of this movie but i understand enough to see, and to pick up what it was placing down.

  2. Dude, you are reading the wrong fucking blog. Now i can't speak for Jade personally, but i grew up in less than desirable circumstances with a single mother doing the best she could and I fucking well know what it's like to struggle. Now i haven't seen teh film and i now don't think i ever will, one because you didn't sell it for me, and two because it looks fucking boring. Get off your high horse and let people speak their own mind on their own blog. If you don't like it, go have baked beans on burnt toast elsewhere, silently.
    All My Love