Friday, December 21, 2012


Just a warning, this is not a First Blood, or a John Rambo retrospective article.
Just another warning, this is a retrospective article.
One final warning, you are about to want to go - as Huey Lewis and the News put it - Back In Time.

In the real world Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands, a spanish priest tried to stab the Pope, The Commodore 64 made its glorious debut, and in Northern Ireland, the government let Homosexuals bone each other at the same age as Heterosexuals, paving a glittery road for homosexual rights all across the world.

In the only world most of us care about, so much shit happened that in retrospect, it may be hard to fathom.
Michael Jacksons 'Thriller' was released, for a start. I dare say that this song and album had much more of a cultural impact than the entire Falklands War. If only argentina stopped and started dancing to thriller, then who knows???

The following movies came out in 1982, dont cry:

First Blood (duh)
Rocky III,
E.T: The Extra Terrestrial (also biggest box office draw of the year)
The Thing,
Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan,
Conan the Barbarian,
The Dark Crystal,
The Sword And The Sorcerer,
Class of 1984,
48 hours,
Turkey Shoot,
Young Doctors In Love,
The Swamp Thing,
The Wall,
Night Shift,
I, The Jury,
Cat People,
Grease 2,
The Beastmaster,
Blade Runner,
Forced Vengeance,
Friday The 13th: Part III,
Cat People,
Flying High II: The Sequel,
Basket Case.

And thats just to name a few!!!!
30 years ago, some of the most influential, and amazing films came out. I implore you to name a year outside of this that this many decent films emerged from.
Stallone had his second franchise and his first going on in the same year.
John Carpenter released what many consider to be his crowning acheivement.
Ridley Scott came in with a left hook and knocked us on our asses with Blade Runner.
Jason found his iconic mask.
Eddie Murphy made his feature film debut.
A legendary team up between George A. Romero and Stephen King produced one of the best anthology horror films ever created.
Star Trek re-invented itself and made the franchise what it is today.
Arnold Schwarzenegger as Conan. That is all.
Adrienne Barbeau rocked up in Swamp Thing AND Creepshow!

The fucked up thing about the above list, is that I havent even named them all.

Have you got a favorite film from 1982? Comment below!

Just tell it to call you Billie YOU BITCH!!!


  1. I would say I am tossing up between Rocky III and The Thing oh and Blade Runner...hrm can't I just say them all??

  2. I would have to say I will always have a soft spot for Creepshow. but then I'm not going to lie, every single title on that list is amazazing and you have pretty much made a top 31 list for me there. The one that makes my panties tickle? Star Trek 2 The Wrath Of Khan, that movie made history.