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Friendzoned in Movies - What is Fake, and What is the Reality.

Where do you think the term ‘friend-zoned’ came from? Do you think it came from the evolution of the mind game chicks who slept around with everyone but you? You know the ones I mean. At first it was about getting your best friend who just happens to be a guy, to carry your bag…but now you have your best friend fixing your computer, watching you try on clothes for hours and seeing you naked in the process, buying you things, and then doing ridiculous things for you that a normal run of the mill boyfriend wouldn’t even do, yet you don’t want to destroy the friendship…Throughout the years, it has been portrayed in countless movies of the guys who are nice, and just want to make the girl of their dreams happy. Which is quite admirable and sweet and just what every girl wants yeah? WELL GUYS STOP PINING OVER THE WRONG WOMEN! They will not choose you, no matter what you sacrifice for them. To make it more clear, silly women want a challenge. They want to ‘change’ a man; they want to be THAT woman that changed his life…I still haven’t worked out why they do that. But the big question is, can you actually be friends with a girl you fell in love with, even though she lied, friend-zoned you for the popular guy, and sacrificed a lot for? Who know’s if it’s possible, all I know is some chicks are INSANE!

‘Pretty in Pink’ is one of my favourite John Hughes movies, it has a lot of endearing qualities, its entertaining, has some solid acting, and it has Andrew Dice Clay in it for a short amount of time, so just from hearing that, it sold it for me. Here we have Andie, who isn’t exactly socially awkward, she knows exactly who she is, and who she aspires to be, and apparently doesn’t want anything to do with the popular cliques at school, it sounds refreshing right? It’s Andie and her best friend Duckie,  against the world, but the thing is Duckie just digs the hell out of Andie, and he makes it obvious he wants her. The problem with Andie is she doesn’t address the fact she doesn’t like him back. That is all she had to do, but no she just casually laughs it off, and pretends as if she hasn’t noticed his advances. But it bites her in the ass when she goes on a date with Blaine and tells Duckie last minute, knowing how it would hurt him. And he then threatens to never be there for her again, but he’s a chump and didn’t stick to his guns.

Where did Duckie go wrong? He didn’t pick up on her body language, he didn’t notice her brushing him off, he was too enthralled in this fantasy, where she was going to want to be with him forever, and it was going to be amazing. Maybe he didn’t know her as well as he thought. Maybe underneath all that teen angst was a girl who just wanted to be part of the popular crowd, and had fantasies in her own head on how things were going to work out. That is probably why she kept Duckie around for as long as she had, just in case those fantasies didn’t pan out. Duckie was overly eager, now that reeks of desperation most of the time. There is a way to be eager and still come across as sweet and not overbearing, but Duckie did not have the skill or the tact to pull that off. Yeah pay the girl a compliment, and you can do nice things for her, however she needs to keep that independence because if she doesn’t she will end up resenting you and you won’t be what she wants. He kept living in this fantasy; unfortunately Andie didn’t shatter his dream early on, so now the result is not the best. She should have just been honest, from the beginning, and then we wouldn’t have had this problem. But also he shouldn’t have been such a shmuck about it and kept living in this unrealistic fantasy.

Even though at the end of ‘Pretty in Pink’, Andie and Duckie do not end up together, but they stay really good friends, despite the fact he felt strung along, and was only kept around for support when Andie needed it. And Duckie forgives her. Let’s face it guys, if a girl did that to you, would you be stupid enough to want to stay around and put up with her shit? No! It’s an unrealistic depiction of how a true friendship would be. Obviously it’s all tied up nicely, because Andie has the best friend and the rich, popular boyfriend, every girl’s fantasy right? Well it’s wrong…dead wrong. I am now going to tell you what really happens when you get friend-zoned…

Now to all you 1980’s who are teen flick buffs like me, who remembers a film called, ‘The Last American Virgin’? The first half of the film is relatively light hearted, just three guys, trying to get laid, that’s what it was about. And then it changes. Gary has fallen head over heels for this new girl in town called Karen, just everything about her makes him go weak. I mean sure love at first sight is supposed to exist in high school. And he asks her to go to a party with him; she declines and tells him she is busy with a prior engagement. Gary rolls up at this party and as it turns out, Karen is at this party WITH his best friend Rick. As you can imagine he is upset, but bows out gracefully, even though he is hurt as hell. He reacts like a normal teenager would, he is shocked, pissed off, upset and still wants her but knows she is unattainable…until a bombshell happens! Rick gets Karen pregnant and dumps her, so in come’s Gary to save the day.

 He stays with her at his grandma’s empty house and lets her stay there for a few days while she recuperates from the abortion…THAT GARY PAYS FOR. Now after the abortion has happened, Gary really does step up to the plate and is an unconditional friend even though he wants more and tells her how he feels and she reciprocates. Deep down you are thinking, ‘YES HE DID IT HE GOT OUT OF THE FRIEND-ZONE’…Oh it gets better. Gary has not only sold possessions so he could pay for her abortion, but sold other stuff so he could buy her a piece of jewellery to give to her at her birthday party. Gary rolls up to the party so happy, nothing could have broken his damn spirit. You could have told him the world was going to end in three hours and that wouldn’t have mattered, because he would have had his girl right? WRONG. He sees Karen at the party WITH his best friend and her ex-boyfriend Rick. Looks like they have both had a change of heart. Gary then sees her, Karen sees Gary, their eyes meet, and pure heartbreak is written across his face. He then leaves and gets in his car and drives away. That is how it ends.

That ending is far more realistic I think because, that does happen! Women are suckers for douche-bag guys and guys are suckers for ‘sweet’ girls who don’t know what they want. Gary went wrong big time with Karen because of one MAJOR thing. He really didn’t know anything about her. While she did look sweet and kind, underneath that entire exterior she could have been a real nasty person. The only thing I can say about her at the end of the movie is this; she was a lying, indecisive, and stupid girl. I know they are only teenagers and they aren’t going to know what real love is, but seriously have a god damn conscience. I just found this ending more realistic, and have seen situations similar to that happen to my friends. ‘The Last American Virgin’, shouldn’t be a forgotten teen flick, just because it didn’t give the audience the ending they wanted to see. ‘Pretty in Pink’ gave us the same ending; a lot of movies have done before and since then. ‘The Last American Virgin’, can take you back to a time in your life, or remind you of what someone you know went through. But guys please don’t think that all women are head-cases who don’t know what they want, and can’t see what is right in front of them, we are not all like that, and I know I’m not like that. And just to give you guys a little hope who have been friend-zoned, when it comes to my own love life, I chose Duckie.

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