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The Secret of the Sword = A Childhood Classic.

If there is one thing that I love, it’s cartoons. I was a kid who grew up watching cartoons til the VHS tape stopped working. Animated features in the 1980’s were just on a completely different planet to what anything else had been previous made, or anything that has been made since. I grew up loving He-Man and She-Ra, especially since my older brother and I used to think that we actually were them…Don’t act as if you didn't do that either. ‘The Secret of the Sword’ was an animated feature that introduced She-Ra to the Masters of the Universe franchise, and what an introduction it was. There was so many awesome elements that this film possesses, and a lot of great and meaningful themes. I found there was a lot of scary animated kids films of the 1980’s but this was not one of them. While there are themes of war incorporated into ‘The Secret of the Sword’, it is not something that is conveyed harshly to the point it would scare a child. The memorable characters, quotes and the bright colours and out of this world settings just added to the excitement and adventure of the film. And that is what kids want. 

It’s run down time.  Adam has been given a sword from the Sorceress and has to travel to Etheria to give the sword to the special someone that it belongs too.  When he is captured by Force Captain Adora, it has become more apparent that she is the one the sword belongs to, oh and get this, Adora is Adam’s sister. She then realises she is to become She-Ra. Once she realises the great responsibility of being She-Ra she knows it is time to free all the people of Etheria from Hordak’s evil clutches. Yeah she gets all girl power on his ass! There is a lot that can be said about the plot because there are several sub plots. Watching the film isn't confusing, if I was to try and explain all the sub plots I think I would confuse the hell out of all of you, including myself. 

You would think an animated film involving He-Man and She-Ra wouldn't have any depth to it right? I mean has it been a while for you, in regards to actually watching these guys? It has hasn't it? Well either way, ‘The Secret of the Sword’ has a great deal of depth when it comes to the themes that it represents. One of the themes is the sense of family. Whether you are actually related to people who you consider family or not, is your own matter, the important thing is how much you treasure and love them. I think it is really beautiful seeing the great friendships developed throughout the film, and seeing how all the characters interact with one another. You may think I am reading into a kids cartoon too much, but I think its real sweet. I love seeing how much Bow and Glimmer respect and love one another, and they would do pretty much anything for one another, I think it’s incredibly sweet.  I think it’s incredibly soulful seeing how attached Adam and Adora are so quickly in finding out they are brother and sister. It as if they have known each other their whole lives, and has built a strong connection over all those years, but they have only known each other a few days. You can see they respect and love each other regardless of the actual time frame of knowing each other. 

Now you can judge me all you want right now when I say this…I love the hell out of the theme song. It is so damn cheerful and just makes me want to dress like Glimmer and go to an 1980’s disco in Etheria…SURELY they would have one right? I also love the lyrics, because they represent everything that Adam and Adora are going through with finding out who they are and what they are searching for. The song SCREAMS 1980’s but it has a cheesiness charm about it, so look at the link below and reminisce…

The reviews from the critics were pretty positive about this film, but they have said it is quite complicated. I can see where they are coming from because there are just a couple of sub-plots that don't really need to be there, and at times you may think, ‘well what was the point of that?’ As a kid I didn't think that, but as I have gotten older I have thought it may be a bit too long or it strays away from the main storyline of the film. But having said that, you realise how much goes on in Etheria and Eternia, and in some respect some of the sub-plots are important and unique in their own way. I think as a kid you view the film as just a tonne of adventures that all intertwine. And at the end of the day if it entertains kids, I really don’t see too much of a problem with the sub-plots  I think maybe it caused some confusion because I am pretty sure this was meant to be several episodes but they just decided to put it all together in film format. It probably didn't seem as confusing in the stand alone episodes compared to the full film. Maybe that shed some light on the matter. 

I love how you can really differentiate between good and evil. As much as I love He-Man and the gang, I just can’t help but dig Hordak and Skeletor. I wish Skeletor had a bigger role in this film, but I understand why he didn't  Either way, both are just as deliciously evil as the other. I just think being on the evil side of the fence would be hell interesting, especially for Hordak, I think if they made and R18 version of ‘Secret of the Sword’ he would be on BRUTAL mofo. I could just imagine him having some severe form of torture, as would Skeletor, because let’s face it, there is no one more EVILER than Skeletor(Yeah I don't think that Eviler is actually a word, but it's my blog and I will use it god dammit) . But then if I was on the good side of the fence I think it would be awesome to KICK THE ABOSOLUTE SHIT out of that good for nothin’ Horde. I could imagine an R18 version of the film being made, they just need to get Zack Snyder and Frank Miller to do something together to make that happen…I’d watch the shit out of that, wouldn't you? 

This film is very much so a She-Ra film, He-Man still does kick a lot of asses, when he isn't off being kidnapped or getting caught by the Horde. He just seems to make everything happen in this film. While She-Ra is trying to work out what to do while he life just turns upside down, he orchestrates everything so that when she decides what she wants to do, he makes it easier for her. What a good brother right?

I think the villains are superbly done, because they are so god damn ‘out there’. They have so much individuality and just the way they act and talk and interact with others, makes me laugh especially Scorpia. I am not sure why, but ever since I was little I always associated her with Brigette Nielsen…Is that wrong of me? Am I a little bit weird and crazy for comparing the two? Either way I hope someone out there agrees with me. 

This is definitely an animation film, which is deeply embedded into my childhood psyche, and it will never leave. 'The Secret of the Sword' was constantly played in our house, to the point that after not watching it for many years, I could still remember pretty much every single quote and all the lyrics to the opening song. It's awesome how we can find some pure animation classic films out there and just watch them to the point that they will never leave us. There are some tremendously creative and giving people out there that made 'The Secret of the Sword', and I am glad they went that extra mile into making it something unique. You can see the time and love which went into creating the story, and they really did cook up something special, and if you were a huge fan of the He-Man and She-Ra franchises, just about everyone went crazy over this film. I am just truly happy that this film is still fresh today, regardless of how many times I have watched it. 

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