Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My favourite action and martial art movie songs Part 3

Here we are...at the last part of my trip down memory lane...I really hope you have enjoyed the songs I have chosen so far. I also hope they bring back really awesome memories for you. It's pretty kickass when certain movies or songs can make you remember really happy times!

'Breakdown' by Bob Seger - Beverly Hills Cop 2
Were you a little surprised to see this enter so high in my list? It is totally a dark horse and at times a forgotten track but god damn it is so freakin' brilliant, and this sets the tone for the film. You know you are going to be going on a fast ride through it, so just enjoy it! 

'Danger Zone' by Kenny Loggins - Top Gun
All I have to say is this...TOP GUN. Everyone would should love this film and love the song just as much! A Karaoke favourite of mine too! 

'Measure of a Man' by Elton John - Rocky V
Sure this wasn't the most successful of the Rocky movies, but you can't help but love this song, and I think it's awesome seeing all the stills from the previous films in the credits. It makes you want to have a Rocky marathon...well that is how it makes me feel!

'Heart's on Fire' by John Cafferty - Rocky IV
Firstly you are not a man if you do not like this song and this montage. And secondly you are not a true lover of film, if you can't appreciate the heart that this montage possesses. 

'You're the Best Around' by Joe Esposito - Karate Kid
This was a constant motivator for me when I worked at my last job. I was under appreciated for all the hard work I did, so this made me think 'You're the best Around'. It's a great motivator and this song has some amazing and deep meaningful lyrics with a catchy 80's hook! What is not to love? 

'Fight to Survive' by Stan Bush - Bloodsport
This should be in everyone's work out playlist. This is another great motivator for me, if I am ever feeling down or disheartened, this is the song to keep me going, and boy does it get put on repeat..A LOT!

'Streets of Siam' by Stan Bush - Kickboxer
Kickboxer has brought me a lot of great memories growing up. And to this day it is my favourite Van Damme film. It is a real sexy, fire up song.I really can't tell you what I love about this song, but it just puts a huge smile on my face whenever I listen to it. And watching this video makes me want to have a cut off denim jacket like Van Damme.

'Turn the Beat Around' By Gloria Estefan - The Specialist 
Man this song was HUGE when it was re-released for the film, The Specialist. I loved this video clip so much as a kid because it had scenes from the film in it, and I was all about that! It made me want to watch the film more and more. I love this song because it is fast paced and that is how the film is, it's just KILLER EXPLOSION CENTRAL! 

'No Easy Way Out' by Robert Tepper - Rocky IV
This is hands down my favourite of the songs in all of the Rocky movies. It is a great song for reflection. It makes you think of all the things you have gone through and what you have learnt from your experiences. And those elements of thought are conveyed brilliantly in this montage. It really is the heart of Rocky IV.

And here comes number 1...are you wondering what it is? Are you thinking 'Shit Jade has picked all the awesome songs already?' I have one more ace up my sleeve. It is underrated but it is a classic and should be given more recognition as one of the greatest motivational and fire up songs...GET READY

'Moment of Truth' by Survivor - Karate Kid
This song has been with me since I can remember. I always loved watching the Karate Kid and then sitting through the credits, because this is the song that played. It always made me feel awesome inside. As a teenager I was bullied a lot, and this is one of the songs that really got me through everything. It didn't make me feel worthless, it made me feel like I could do anything I wanted. And this is the song that still motivates me not only in working out but also in becoming a successful writer. I really hope you enjoyed my number 1 choice as well as the previous 29! Now do two things..work out to all these songs and then watch the movies! 

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  1. Great choices! Love Fight To Survive. Classic 80s song!