Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My favourite action and martial art movie songs Part 2

Aaaaaaaaand I am back for part II...just shhhhh don't say anything, just watch and get excited and relive awesome memories!

'Glory of Love' by Peter Cetera - Karate Kid Part II

'Best of the Best' by Stubblefield and Hall - Best of the Best

'We Don't Need Another Hero' by Tina Turner - Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome

'Eye of the Tiger' by Survivor - Rocky III

'The Heat is on' by Glenn Frey - Beverly Hills Cop
Now I know this isn't a typical action movie, it's a buddy cop film but there is fighting and guns just not to the extend of a film like Commando. Either way this song is killer!!

'Meet me Halfway' by Kenny Loggins - Over the Top
Yeah this song really pulls at my heart strings...Nuff said really!

'My Brother's eyes' by Eric Barnett - Kickboxer 2: The Road Back
An underrated film and even more underrated song...get into it people! 

'Hold onto the Vision' by Kevin Chalfant - No Retreat No Surrender

'Double or Nothing' by Kenny Loggins and Gladys Knight - Rocky IV
In case you were wondering where the hell this song was played in Rocky IV, I shall tell you. Remember when Apollo is at Rocky's house discussing the potential exhibition bout with Ivan Drago? Well Pauly's robot comes out and it's playing that song...yep! Not sure what added more charm to that scene, the robot or the song! 

'Never Surrender' by Stan Bush - Kickboxer
This is my uphill running song...I never surrender to those BADASS hills when I hear this classic song!

Oh you are close to the end...so close you can taste it, can you predict what my number 1 is? Well I may surprise you, or I could be quite predictable. I hope you have enjoyed reliving these kickass songs!!!

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