Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My favourite action and martial art movie songs Part I

Yeah it has come to this. A count down of all my favourite action and martial art movie songs. I could have just done fire up songs, but I found there was a lot of songs which do sound the same. This is a list of songs from movies which I grew up loving. They made me want to dance like someone was being electrocuted, yeah that is how I danced as a child. These songs made me want to sing with some real emotion but all I sounded like was someone singing far too loud because I was firing up. And they made me fire up and I would punch the air and think I was invincible. These songs are memorable for me, because I remember the video clips played on TV, or I constantly watched the films that these songs were in to the point I can remember every tiny detail. Music is a great way to remember a film, especially if the video clip of the song had scenes from the films. Didn't you used to love seeing that? I know I sure as hell did. Here are my top 30 favourite action and martial art movie songs of all time...PS I will not be writing a summary of them all, I just wanted you guys to see what shaped my AWESOME movie and music taste! 

'You could be mine' by Guns N' Roses - Terminator 2

'Best of what I got' by Bad English - Tango and Cash

'The Last Dragon' by Dwight David - The Last Dragon

'Angel of the City' by Robert Tepper - Cobra

'Stand on Your Own' by Joe Trono - No Retreat No Surrender

'The Touch' by Stan Bush - Transformers: The Movie
I know this isn't a typical action movie, but c'mon now, they are fighting robots and it was part of everyone's childhood god dammit! 

'How Do I Live' by Trisha Yearwood - Con Air
Now you may be thinking this is an odd choice because it's not a typical fire up song, but this song really represents the heart that Con Air possesses. Don't act as if you don't like this song, you FREAKIN' LOVE IT!

'Mortal Kombat Theme(Techno Syndrome)' by The Immortals - Mortal   Kombat

'Hold me, Thrill me, Kiss me, Kill me' by U2 - Batman Forever


'Burning Heart' by Survivor - Rocky IV

That was number 30 - 21...get excited for Part II. I hope a lot of you guys love these songs as much as I do. And more importantly I hope it makes you want to watch these films right now. Just have one big marathon of all these awesome movies right now...

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