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Who hear thinks that Bloodsport is a cinematic masterpiece, and should be loved and respected by everyone? I FREAKIN' DO! I have seen this film thousands of times and it never gets boring and I never get tired of seeing Van Damme and Bolo fight it out. This has to be one of my favourite American Martial Arts movies, it just possesses so much KICKASSERY and BADASSERY! It is fast paced, is doesn't have anything boring about it, it just grabs you by the balls from the get go and gets you prepared for the awesome you are about to witness and EXPERIENCE. That is the beauty about the 1980's, everything was a fun experience. It didn't matter if the acting was cheesy, or the dialogue wasn't strong, it was just a lot of fun and it was a great film to experience. And c'mon how many of you can quote this film? I have not met a single guy in the world who has not enjoyed this...and quite frankly if I meet a guy who doesn't like Bloodsport, well I think he should cut off his balls and give them to someone who likes to watch manly movies.

Where does one begin when professing their love for for such a fine piece of film. Should I do a run down of this film? Or do you all know of the basic plot outline? Well here is the basic run down. Frank Dux is a martial artist who travels to Honk Kong to honour his Shidoshi in an underground fighting competition known as the Kumite. BANG! That is all you need to know if you haven't seen this. It is a very simple story, as you could have guessed. All this film wants to do is entertain you with some witty one liners, some memorable characters and of course with FUCKING AWESOME fight scenes. 

Paul Hertzog did a really awesome job of creating such an awesome musical score for Bloodsport. While the score is quite calming, it intensifies as it goes along especially in some scenes, and can actually turn quite menacing...especially when our best pal BOLO comes on screen. And of course who could forget the fire up soundtrack singer...STAN FUCKING BUSH! I think he should just sing on every American Martial Arts movie that is ever made. He brings you to that zone where you may feel down on your luck, but fighting and kicking the shit out of the bad guy will make you become a better fighter and a better man. He totally gets it. I love his song 'On my Own', because you really feel sad, you just want Jackson to pull through in the hospital. You can also see this song put into an emotional flashback montage, and in this montage you see Dux just upset, unsure, scared and frustrated. It carries a lot of emotion. Aaaaaaand that brings me to EVERYONE'S favourite Bloodsport song...'FIGHT TO SURVIIIIIIIIIIIVE'. It is one of the best ultimate fire up songs and it definitely fires me up when I go uphill running. Not enough words can describe the greatness so here just have the god damn link!

Now lets discuss the badassery that is Jackson. He seems like an unlikely opponent in this film, he doesn't seem to have any real martial arts skill compared to a lot of the other competitors. But that's the charm of Jackson, he's a brawler. He just want's to kick the shit out of someone, ANYBODY really. What better way to do it at a fighting competition. Obviously he has an advantage over some of the fighters because of his height and size, and that does win him points earlier on in the Kumite, but man fighting against Bolo just won't cut it. Bolo is an evil fighter, and a skilled one at that, so we all know that Jackson will not stand a chance. When all said and done, Jackson is a cool guy, whether he is cracking onto women on the bus or if he is playing video games with Dux, he just has that charm. I also love the friendship between Jackson and Dux. They just bonded straight away out of simple rivalry over an arcade video game, and really isn't that how real friendships are made? It's a bond that can never be broken, not even by Bolo. Here let us all reminisce on how their friendship began...its just such a beautiful scene, it makes me want to cry...Nah I am just fuckin' with you, although it does make me want to play Mortal Kombat!

BOLO FUCKING YEUNG IS A COOL MOTHERFUCKER WHO SHOULD JUST BE IN EVERY FILM...EVER. Man he is just evil in this. He doesn't really speak in this film at all, he has several lines, but the lines he does speak they are just favourite though would have to be 'Very good, but brick...not hit back'. He just has this stare which just pierces through your soul and burns through your skin, it boils your blood and your intestines start to burst. Yep I would say he would have been my first choice to play Shang Tsung in the first Mortal Kombat movie...dont pretend as if you couldn't see him doing that too! But in all seriousness here, Bolo is badass as Chong Li. He doesn't like it when people step on his toes in terms of being a better fighter than him or at least being a threat to his skill. I mean I am sure he loves a challenge, but he gets a thrill out of making sure people suffer in fighting with him, whether its splitting open someone's shinbone or actually killing them. I am so glad that Bolo was able to be in this film, because I just don't think anyone could have portrayed Chong Li with that same evil charisma. PS I wanted to bring something to your attention as well, in case you didn't already know this. Michel Qissi who played Tong Po in Kickboxer is actually in Bloodsport and he fights Bolo...and he is the one who gets his shinbone split open? Lets relive this together through the beauty of youtube...and this cool short Bolo tribute...You will see Qissi at the 30 second mark. Enjoy.

Oh the end fight between Bolo and Van Damme is just so damn cool, and it always leaves me hanging. It's just awesome seeing Bolo get hell evil on Van Damme. Bolo know's he has a challenge with fighting Van Damme, and he has to beat him to make people still fear and respect him, so of course he cheats and throws a power substance in his eyes to blind him. And while Bolo does kick his ass around for a while, that soon ends. Van Damme gets the power within himself and searches for that concentration that his Shidoshi taught him...and he kicks the living shit out of Bolo, and it is so awesome! Now while I do love Bolo it was cool to see his evil bastard of a character get what he deserved. I have to say this fight is exceptionally well choreographed and it just has a lot of heart and skill to it. They go hand in hand so well. I couldn't imagine two better martial artists that could have done this. Their different fighting styles just seem to compliment one another very well.  Lets do some more reliving of this glorious film and watch the final know you will watch the link, you can't help yourself..

Bloodsport is always going to be a classic, there is no questioning that. If you grew up loving this film and you still do to this day, you are awesome, because you see the film for the greatness that it is. To all the people who haven't watched this film in years, just do yourself a favour and watch it and appreciate it. And to all the people who haven't seen this, why the hell are you still reading this review, go to your local video store and rent it. You know what fuck renting it, you need this in your life always, so buy it and get it in your collection! I love this film and will never stop loving it. It brings me so much happiness, just by talking about it. It doesn't try to have these over the top 'slick' fight scenes, it just lots of skill fighters fighting with different styles and just kicking ass. 

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  1. Fantastic Bloodsport write-up. One of Van Damme's best movies. Bolo was so evil in this.