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Sylvester Stallone = Brilliance. Part II

And I am back with part II of my tribute to Sylvester Stallone. Stallone has starred in a lot of different movies, not just 'mindless' actions. He has a lot of heart, and he knows how to write a great story with integrity. You can always see when Stallone has stamped his name on several scripts for films that he has starred in. And when you see him in these particular films, you can't help but think, 'WHY THE FUCK AREN'T MORE PEOPLE GIVING HIM CREDIT FOR HIS ACTING AND WRITING ABILITIES...YOU SQUARED HEADED IGNORAMUSES'...

Over the top is one of those films. There aren't many films that could be about an arm wrestling tournament and be taken seriously. Hell, a lot of people don't take Over the Top seriously, and they should. Why? Here's the deal, you got all kinds of walks of life in the world. We are all put on this world to do different things, and make an impact one way or another. And in the case of Lincoln Hawk, he is there to earn the love and respect from his son and to win a nation wide arm wrestling tournament. People looked at this concept and thought it was ridiculous. Why is it ridiculous? People have called this film 'dramatic dribble', and I think they need to take their pretentious square heads out of their asses and they need to travel to the Atlantic Ocean and just go fuck an iceberg. Just because this film stars Stallone and is based around his goal in winning an arm wrestling tournament, does not mean this film lacks any artistic merit. Just because Stallone has muscles does that give you the right to say he isn't allowed to convey any kind of heart or emotion? Are only a certain 'calibre' of actors allowed to portray inner turmoil? No, everyone should be given that shot, and that includes Stallone. And time and time again whenever he portrays any kind of raw emotion and heart, he gets slammed by critics, the kind of critics who would rank Citizen Kane as the greatest film of all time.  Just admit it to yourself right now. Stallone can really act, and I will continue to preach this in my blogs, podcasts and conversations with anyone. Nuff said. Here is a video of a mash up of different Over the Top scenes. In this mash up you can see the heart in Stallone's performance. 

Cop Land is another one of Stallone's finest films. I saw this when I was 10 years old, when we were on the plane to the UK, and I could not take my eyes away from the screen. It was the first role where I had seen Stallone 'turned down' in terms of his personality. And seeing that side of him, made me really appreciate the versatility in his acting. I found this role to be completely different to most things he has portrayed. While he has been in serious roles previously, this was on a different level and it really showed off his acting chops, and finally critics were taking Stallone somewhat seriously. His body language in this film totally engages me every time I view it because you can just see the inner conflict and turmoil he is going through just by how he stands or how he walks. They are slight changes physically to how he would be play something like Rambo but the changes are made perfectly and they are in the right direction. I will show you a scene which I think is brilliant. So it is a spoiler and it will wreck the ending, but hey it is not my fault if you haven't experienced the awesomeness that is Cop Land. 

Cliffhanger is one of those movies I just watched over and over again in the 1990's. It was always on cable TV and my older brother and I would always lose our shit whenever it came on. I will never forget the first time  saw this. That opening scene...yes you remember THAT scene, stuck with me for a long was also the reason I hated going abseiling on school camp! It's funny how movies influence us at times. Cliffhanger was a box office success and to this day I have not met a single person that doesn't like this film. Why? Because it is fucking awesome that is why! This is a film which just makes me speechless, I never know what to say about it besides the fact that I fucking enjoyed the ride and I loved Stallone's performance. It's movies like Cliffhanger that prove time and time again that Stallone has what it takes to draw in a huge crowd to the movies and enjoy thrilling adventures like Cliffhanger. So here enjoy the opening scene...god this still leaves me on the edge of my damn seat.

Expendables was something that blew my god damn mind when it first came out...and it still does to this day...the second instalment was even better! And if it wasn't for Stallone we wouldn't have this kickass franchise. He knows how important action stars are to the die hard fans out there and I think it was great for them to come out of the shadows and come back onto our screens the best way they knew how...BY KICKING SOME SERIOUS ASS!!! Of course both of the Expendables movies got slayed in terms of the critics and their pointless reviews on knowing jack shit about action movies. But it was the fans who loved and appreciated this and could see what these films were trying to do. I love Stallone's role of Barney Ross, because I can see a lot of his previous roles in this character, so it does appear to be not only a big homage to what these stars did in their action days but also the characters they portrayed. 

Stallone has been in a tonne of amazing movies. Unfortunately though, I cannot write about them all because I would be here for a long time, fangirling over the best action star that has ever lived. Besides the ones I have briefly spoken about in this 2 part series here is some of my other favourite Stallone movies. 

  • Nighthawks
  • Paradise Alley
  • Rambo II,  III and Rambo(IV)
  • Rocky II, III, IV, V and Rocky Balboa
  • Lock Up
  • Oscar
  • Stop or My Mom Will Shoot
  • Demolition Man
  • The Specialist
  • Judge Dredd
  • Assassins
  • Daylight
  • Get Carter
  • Expendables 2
Sylvester Stallone has been a huge influence in my life. His films taught me a lot about integrity, passion, determination, and heart. If it wasn't for Rocky I would not have known how to love and I think I would be a really bitter and judgemental person. Some of you readers out there may not take what I say seriously and that is fine, but movies have helped shape me. They have helped me find out what kind of person I truly am, and if it wasn't for Stallone's heart that you can see he portrays through all of his characters, I really wouldn't know how to feel. Rocky was the first film I ever cried during and also it was the first film to give me goosebumps. Never underestimate Stallone, he has an amazing talent, and actors would only dream about having the depth that this man has. 

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