Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cant Stop the Music...not your average musical.

WOW! JUST FUCKING WOW. I have grown up loving musicals, and when I was shown Can't stop the music at age 11, my mind was blown. Part of me loved this because it stars Steve Guttenberg and that it was set in the 1980's. And then the other part of me was just confused at all the 'WHAT THE FUCKERY' that this film possesses. But as time went on, I saw a lot of charm in this film, and it brought a smile to my face. It was just a fuck load of fun. 

The best way to sum up what this film ACTUALLY possesses is this. Take all the left overs from every cheesy 1980's film favourites that we all have, sprinkle it with a fuck load of glitter,get a band who's peak was two years prior and throw in leftover tracks which probably weren't good enough for the film Fame to use..and TA-DA, all those MAGNIFICENT ingredients you have a train wreck with a fuck load of charm.  This film wasn't going to win any awards or win many critics over, but this is so damn enjoyable. It has catchy, cheesy songs, and don't act like you don't love a bit of cheese in your musical diet, because we ALL do! The Village People cannot act, but you can see they give it the old college try, so as long as they tried that is all I am bothered about.

The film is pretty straight forward. Jack Morell(Guttenberg) wants some singers to sing his songs he has written, so they get a few different guys from all extremely different backgrounds and they form THE VILLAGE PEOPLE. And then they go on a quest to get a record deal and then get to perform for thousands of people in SAN FRANCISCO. That is essentially the story. 

Besides the amazing Village People as the stars, we also have Steve Guttenberg, Valerie Perrine and Bruce Jenner. Yes you fucking heard right Bruce Jenner, this is prior to the whole Kardashian crap and prior to the plastic surgery. I think all their characters in this film, are likeable. Sure they are over the top but hey wasn't everything over the top in the 1980's anyways? The 1980's was all about excess, whether it was drugs, eye shadow, a glove covered in rhinestones or in this case, acting, so I am willing to cut it so damn slack 

Now this film was a commercial flop. The critics gave this scathing reviews, and sure I can see why, but there is no use comparing it to a bunch of other musicals, because this wasn't really your traditional musical. It was also the first film to win the worst picture award for the Golden Raspberry awards...Okay so you are probably thinking 'Jade you are totally not selling this film for me', but hear me out bro. I think it has a hell of a lot of charm, and it is so fucking enjoyable, because really it was just a film to plug the Village People and their songs. And sometimes people do make films for the sheer sake of it, and the fact they have been given a ridiculous amount of money to make a film. 

The story is pretty basic like I pointed out to you earlier, and it has been done many times before. But having said that, it really doesn't bother me too much. I think I am too enthralled in the 'musical' numbers. Here is one of the classic songs and if this scenes doesn't make you laugh, well then you have zero sense of humour. 

Man it must have taken them months to get rid of all that glitter from their body right? It has awful choreography, and it is a cheesy, bad yet GOD DAMN CATCHY SONG! 

This next video is the opening credits song. Here we have Steven Guttenberg on rollerskates, hes enjoying his life, he loves his music, he just feels free! And wasn't that what the 1980's was about? I love the shit out of this song, and whenever I listen to it, I feel anything is damn possible and I just want to put on my roller skates and fist pump the air to whatever music I am listening to...let this video inspire you!

And this last video I am going to show you is when majority of the village people get together for their first 'performance' together. I couldn't get the original footage from the film, so I managed to find the scene with the song played over it, so it obviously won't be in sync. But either way this scene is awesome, because not only do I love this 1980's track but I also makes me wish me and my bestest friends would start a band in one our backyards, and we could put fairy lights up, drink a shit load of booze and sing songs together and make a demo tape...It could happen right?

I really want you guys to see this. I don't mean to recommend this as a form of torture, but it is a really fun to watch. I showed my two bestest friends this and I am pretty sure Jake felt a little bit of the 'WHAT THE FUCKERY' that I experienced the first time I watched this. Sure it will make you cringe and make you just wish you had put on a critically acclaimed musical. But this is light hearted, there are no real intense or deep issues in this film. It's just about guys wanting a record deal and you are just on the ride with them. Take this for what it is. I think you will dig this more if you have had several Dr Peppers and maybe some whisky. This film doesn't mean to make you laugh intentionally in some parts, but hey if it does, at least it has entertained you right? 

Give it a chance, and don't listen to the reviews or the IMDB rating. If this was released 2 years earlier in the musical prime of the Village People, it would have been a bigger success and maybe if this didn't feel rushed, I don't think it would have been given the scathing reviews that it did. 

Give it a go...you know you want to. 

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