Monday, February 4, 2013

Action Movie Reality Check.


Action movies have helped shaped me, in terms of what I really look for in a movie to entertain me. I find there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a badass villain taking what isn't his, and then getting to see our action hero take it back...WITH BADASSERY AND STYLE! All the people I want to associate with and be friends with, all dig action movies and see them for what they are..KICKASS ENTERTAINMENT. I can talk to these people and know that I won't be judged for liking something, because it has a fuckload of explosions, or if the film is full of muscular men kicking the shit out of each other. 

Action movies are a great way to forget about the crap that you may be having in your life. For a couple of hours you can be entertained by just awesome and unbelievable things, where you don't have to think about the plot. Action films are just one big ride. It's exciting, thrilling, it keeps you on the edge of your seat. Every time I watch an action movie I haven't seen before, whether it's a big budget or a zinematic masterpiece, I get excited. WHY? I have seen my fair share of action movies, and I love the stunts, fight choreography, the over use of the machine guns and the witty one liners. And exploring new action films will you get excited because you have a good understanding of the genre and what you are going to see, but you will never know what level it is on until it just smacks you in the face. And once the film is over the first words you will utter are 'I HAVE TO SEE THAT AGAIN'.

Now that I have established why I love these kind of movies, here are several things I came here to address. I read a lot of reviews, I am always interested to hear people's point of view, but I am starting to notice a pattern. Whether these reviewers are legit critics who get paid for it or are just online reviewers like myself, they have something in common. They do not know how to review action movies! When I read a review I like to at least see one thing they did like about the movie, not just a whole bunch of 'this film is shit, don't see it'. But I understand that everyone has their own taste and if there really was no redeeming features in your eyes that's fine. But if you can't at least recommend it to people who liked a similar kind of movie to the one you are reviewing, well then you should not be writing movie reviews. There are a lot of people who listen to what a reviewer is saying and won't see it because of what they have heard. I think reviewers should definitely give their point of view, but at least be open minded and leave some mystery so the public can decide for themselves. That is the problem these days. The critic thinks they have the right to decide for you. 

I feel that action, horror, B Grade Sci-Fi, and Z grade and Exploitation movies do not get the reviews they should be getting. The main reason for that is pretty straight forward...the reviewer doesn't understand the film or the genre. And hey if you don't understand the genre, that's fine, but don't just automatically write the film off. 

There are several things that these reviewers say about action movies, and it just so damn repetitive. It will usually start with how a certain action star is back with another 'run of the mill' action movie which contains 'mindless action' and 'zero storyline'. This is getting far too repetitive. They also like to compare action movies to other genres. Now why the fuck would you do that? When you watch a film like Rambo, what the fuck were you seriously expecting? John Rambo to waltz back into Vietnam and start saving endangered species in the jungle, where he would meet a young animal rights activist by the name of Laurie, who at first would not believe John Rambo's cause to be a true one. And despite their obstacles, they fall in love and save the animals together, but Laurie would die of cancer and John Rambo would continue her cause. Now if you expected that, well you need to start understanding the genre or stop comparing action movies to run of the mill drama films, because they are totally different. 

If the action movie is big budget or if its Z grade, you shouldn't be comparing them to the most recent Drama film you have seen, or the greatest movies of all time, or even the ones recognised by the Academy. Majority of action movies are just seen as a joke. They don't have any 'true storytelling' or any 'character development'. Hearing that shit pisses me off! Why? Action stars are the hardest working men in the business. Want to know why? These men spend so many hours getting their body in shape, to make sure they will be cast in their next film. If they didn't look a certain way, especially in the 1980's when action movies were at it's peak, they wouldn't get cast. Looking built and muscular was just as important as actors these days, losing weight or getting a 'make-under' for the sake of a role. But these action heroes, never get recognised for that, and they should, because they put just as much time and effort in.  And I know this may be surprising but they also need to have a little bit of acting skill. I am not saying that all action stars are great actors, because they aren't. But they do just as much work, if not more than a lot of the actors today who are getting 10 million dollar pay checks to be in a movie. 

I also think there is a huge stigma attached to these movies because of a few reasons. While people do love being in another world when it comes to movies, a lot of people do not like watching action movies, because they think what they do in these films are just unbelievable and it can't happen. But the haters need to remember, that this is just a movie, and it is meant to entertain you. It isn't going out of its way to change your life(although if it does, KICKASS). It is just trying to take you on an adventure. Just think of it this way. It's like Indiana Jones, but with bigger muscles, bigger guns, chicks with big boobs, bigger explosions and more crazy villains. 

I know this may seem like another weird point into why people don't like action movies but hear me out. You know how there's this misconception that if you have muscles you are dumb. It has been portrayed in movies, TV shows, and I am sure if you went to a school and had those muscular types, which you may have thought were dumb. People just assume that these actors, stories, films are just dumb. Garbage. There is no brain power behind anything that is done in these films. WRONG. A lot of these action heroes are actually highly intelligent, despite how many punches they may have taken to the head. One of the most intelligent is Dolph Lundgren. Just because a guy looks muscular and runs around with assault weapons, doesn't mean they can't have a strong opinion and a strong mind. Just by watching training montages and seeing the passion and determination in their eyes while being in that role, just says it all. 

I also know a lot of people don't condone these kind of films, because certain actors, may or may not be on steroids. If they want to do that, well then that is their business. We all have flaws, because while a lot of us may not take steroids, we are probably guilty for a lot of other murdering a friend and burying them under the floor boards...I know that is a big leap, but you get the idea of what I am trying to say. 

I have met a lot of action movie buffs in my time, and I have to say they are some of the most dedicated fans in the whole world. They can all identify with one action star or another, whether it's Willis, Norris, Stallone etc. And there is a lot of fans out there that wish they had the money and connections to make a film like that. I know people, including myself who are writing action movie scripts. But I don't think movie executives would even read the script, because it's just another 'mindless' action movie. If the film has talented action stars, whether they are known or unknown, and a decent script which can be worked on properly if put in the right hands, who's to say the film will be lousy? There is one film I definitely want to see made into a feature film and that is BAD DUDES. I have posted this before on here, and if you haven't seen it, well it's about time you did. 

To close minded people this video may seem 'stupid' or 'dumb', but just looking at this teaser trailer, it shows a lot of love, time and effort has gone into this, and it's only a couple of minutes long. These are the sort of people out there that should be making films. Because they would bring back the fun, passion and integrity which is involved in film making. Nowadays it just seems like films are made to win awards and get good reviews. There has always been critics and you will always have someone who doesn't like what you do, that is inevitable. But I think we should all work together in bringing back the action movie genre and let it rise to the grand scale of greatness that it did in the 1980's and early to mid 90's. 

Action movies deserve the love and respect it once had. Of course there is a group of us out there, who's love for this genre has not and will not ever die. To all the haters of this genre, stop thinking and start enjoying. If you over analyse a film before you have even seen it, you are not going to find much happiness when watching movies.

Thanks again to Petar Gagic for letting me use the Bad Dudes teaser trailer. You guys should check his awesome videos
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  1. Excellent post! We need to bring back the gritty action genre! Thankfully Arnold, Sly and Dolph, and others keep making movies, and we will watch them until the end of time.

    Also love the Jakkkkkkotttta! pic.

  2. Hi Jade,

    A good friend of mine, Carlos Aldana, is directing a new, action packed, internet tv show called Bionique. See the link below.

    He would love to answer any questions, or discuss how he pulled off the visual and special effects tricks on the show. Let me know if you would like to interview him, or have him submit a video.

    He's a fan of your blog and he'd be happy to answer questions as an action director.

    Let me know if you are interested.


    Jack Weinstein

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