Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Montage = The movie just got REAL Part IV

Now I am going to slow it down a little bit for you...But hear me out, just because there's a slow montage in the film where the protagonist is going through some tough times...whether a friend has died, a relative has been paralysed or if a friend is critically injured in a an underground fight also known as The Kumite, you cannot deny the 'emotional' montage. Usually what consists of this montage is the main character is upset about something. In Frank Duxes case in Bloodsport a friend he has made during his stint in the Kumite has been critically beaten up by the DELICIOUSLY EVIL, Chong Li. Now you can never underestimate the power of friendship, especially when meeting them in an underground fighting competition. Bonds are made that can never be broken. And I mean never. It is what brings men together, but in Chong Li's case he's just there to break them all apart...Dramatic enough for you?

I thought I would put up this particular version with the scene before the montage because I think it is important to see,  what spirals emotional fighters to have these kind of montages. You see Frank Dux and his journalist lady friend arguing over the dangers of fighting in The Kumite. This chick clearly doesn't get it, so she has a hissy fit about it because she cares about Dux. This isn't just about fighting, this is about respect, dedication and also he is doing this to honour his Shidoshi, so I would have told this bitch to STEP THE FUCK OFF. Woah I kinda got a bit angry there didn't I? 

 What is awesome about this particular montage is that we see moments from the Jackson and Chong Li fight and how it makes Dux feel.You have gotta love flashbacks, they are one of the most solid aspects of the 'emotional' montage.  Sure he is damn upset and angry after what had happened to Jackson. But you can also see in his face that he is deep down a little scared of what might happen to him, when he faces Chong Li.  So having his journalist lady friend losing her shit over something she doesn't understand is bound to make him have second thoughts. He also wants to make sure he can honour his Shidoshi by winning, so of course he is going to be conflicted. 

 Looking at this image, we can just see what was about to happen...Tong Po is going to fuck up Eric Sloane so he can never fight again. Just imagine that for a moment. Your brother who is your best friend, a champion kickboxer, has his first fight in Thailand, and the most evil man in cinematic history paralyses the shit out of him. When Kurt finds out that his brother Eric paralysed from the waist down, he knows what he has to do. Sure he has tears of pain and sadness, but soon those tears turn into tears of hate, anger and more importantly REVENGE! I know I say this a lot, but you cannot go wrong with a revenge story. And with a good revenge story you have an even more 'emotional' montage. 

As you can see Kurt is really conflicted right now about what has just happened to his brother. He is in a foreign country, with no real friends besides his acquaintance Taylor. He has no idea what to do, but he knows one thing, he cannot let this brutal slaying bestowed upon his brother slide. He is seeking revenge the only way he knows learn Muay Thai. In this montage, he asks a trainer of a local Thai Dojo if he can be trained in Muay Thai to get revenge, and everyone in the dojo just laughs at him...did you notice I am bringing back the word dojo? So as he handles rejection and his hate, sadness and pretty much every shit emotion known to man, he walks around Thailand, just hoping he can find a way to make things right. 

You all knew this was coming!!! If you didn't, you clearly haven't learnt anything from the previous entries I have made about montages. The Rocky franchise is by far the best in terms of making a great montage. And the 'emotional' montage there is no exception. Rocky has just seen his best friend die in an exhibition boxing match against Ivan Drago. He is a badass, evil Russian athlete, that really doesn't need to box to scare and instil fear. All he has to do is look at you with those eyes and do THAT know which stare I mean!

After everything that has happened to Rocky in his life, with nearly losing his wife during child birth, Mickey dying, you would think the fucking gods would give Balboa a break. You fuck with Stallone's friends and family, well that's it, because now you are going to get the greatest 'emotional' montage of a lifetime, and you will fucking love it!!! Yes you know what is coming, don't act dumb, just get fucking pumped up for this!

This is one of the best montages used in cinematic history. Now you may think fuck that is a big call. But seriously this is just genius. You finally get to see what is REALLY going on in his head. He has gone through some crap in making his way up the boxing ranks, and there has been a lot of bumps along the road in terms of his personal life. I love the song, which is 'No easy way out' by Robert Tepper. Not only is this a motivational song, which pushes your limit, but it is just great to fire up to and sing. I'll be honest I have been listening to this song on repeat while writing this blog...Don't judge. Now while you see all these memories coming up in his head, the best memories to look out for are the ones of his friendship with Apollo, which developed with each film. What made their friendship strong, was when Apollo pulled Rocky out of a slump in the third film. He retrained him, he showed him a new way to box and it shows in the final fight in Rocky III. Apollo also gave Rocky a new outlook on life, and that is what is the most important thing to realise. 

You may think I read way too much into this last montage that I have shown you, but I haven't. These raw emotions have always been there, it's just the majority of people don't understand the true greatness of the montage and just make fun of them. And that sickens me a lot. My love for Rocky will never die, because if it wasn't for these movies, I wouldn't know how to play movies in my head from start to finish, I wouldn't have known how to love(YEAH YEAH LAUGH AT THAT ALLLLLLL YOU WANT). But these movies made me come to terms with the fact that I myself am an underdog in my own way. The movies, the soundtracks and the montages are what helped shape me! 

I hope you have enjoyed Part IV of my dedication to the montage. I will be back for the fifth and final instalment shortly. And man shit is going to get fucking real. The next instalment may be a long one, so I will try my hardest to make it as entertaining for you as possible!