Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Montage = The movie just got REAL Part III

Oh shit will get real now. I love the 'beat down montage'. You know which  I mean...where the fight would be too long if we showed every single round so we do a montage to sum it up quickly. Now I am gonna break down another version of the 'beat down montage'. Sometimes, more so in martial art movies, is that you see all the rounds of the fight but the final 5 minutes or so is orchestrated with fire up music. It emphasises each helicopter kick from different angles, and each body explosive punch to the gut. In doing this, it really conveys the brutality of the fight. Lets call this 'Beat Down Montage 2'.
So for the standard 'beat down montage' the best example I could give you is Rocky IV. There is so many different examples of this particular montage I could give you, but this is by far the best one! The fight with Ivan Drago is a fucking brutal one. I mean this steroid pumpin' murderous Russian DOES NOT GIVE A FUCK, and when he says 'I must break you', you should fucking believe him and be slightly scared. Now this is hands down one of the best of the 'beat down montages'. The choreography is amazing, and also the song goes down a real treat. It expresses how raw this fight will get. Neither of these men want to lose, and they are seriously giving it everything they have left that is humanly possible. Or in Drago's case how far the steroids will actually take him. 

Now I will tell you about the second kind of 'beat down montages'. They are not like your 'typical' end fight montages, but like I just said previously. It emphasises everything that is brutal about the fight but with MAXIMUM FORCE, and a kickass tune. I find in martial art 'beat down montages 2' they use more instrumental tunes. A perfect example of this is Bloodsport. I know you will be thinking, that I do use a lot of Van Damme movies as examples. But if something is done perfectly, you may as well flaunt it. 

Now it's around the 6.20 mark where the real 'beat down' happens. Sure there is a menacing musical score before this because of Bolo and his pure evilness, and while Van Damme was getting beat down it isn't THE beat down. Make sense? I thought so! But I hope you now understand what I mean by the end fights. They usually have a classic formula. I find in martial art movies, in the final 5 minutes or so, the hero finally gets his second wind and remembers why he is fighting...REVENGE!!!!! So after taking a beating for about 6 minutes of screen time, he starts to really fight back, and everything we thought we knew about the villain in terms of fighting skill, has just gone away because it's our hero who is the better fighter and the better man. 

Another great example of this is Best of the Best. Oh yeah if you haven't seen this awesome movie, JESUS FUCKING CHRIST WATCH IT NOW!
It kind of has the same premise towards the end as Bloodsport. But just check out what I mean. The end fight 'beat down' totally has the same formula. Best of the Best never got the critical acclaim like Bloodsport did, so I will use this as an example and also my appreciation to a flawless American Martial Arts movie.  The fight starts to go in Tommy Lee's favour at around the 4.10 mark...just listen for the inspirational music to start...you will not be able to miss it.

Now this may come across as cheesy. Oh lets cue up the music for when the hero is FINALLY going to start kicking ass. Sure it's predictable. But if something is done right then what is the problem. I will never understand why action and martial art films constantly get made fun of for things like the movie montage. Yet chick flicks which have more predictable story lines than any other genre of film, and are constantly recycled, do not get the same 'bad reputation' as an action or a martial art movie. Most of the action and martial art movies are based around revenge, there is no denying that. But I am pretty sure there are way more creative ways to kill someone in a film, which are FUCKING INTERESTING AND KICKASS than all the different ways you can win the girl of your dreams over with your bumbling idiot charms. I would love to keep ranting about this BUT back to the issue at hand. 

Daniel Laruso is targeted by the typical 1980's douchebags. The ones who will drive a sports car to school and pressure the really popular but super sweet girl to date them. Now these same douchebags from the Cobra Kai have been picking on Daniel, and they know he never fights back...until now! Just watching this next montage makes me so damn happy because we see the bullies slowly get dropped off by Laruso, one by one! Clearly that sweep the leg bullshit hasn't been working for you! 

I just love the look on all their faces, when they see this so called wimp beat the shit out of all of them. And he does it with such class and style. Sure he doesn't have much 'swagger' as the dudes from the Cobra Kai, but his style is just as effective. And man how can you not like this song? 'You're the best around' by Joe Esposito is a perfect fire up song, and this can get you in the mood for everything. It is also great listening to the song when you are feeling your worst. You know what, just watching the whole entire fucking movie is where it's at! So if there are any kids out there reading this, just learn karate in secret and then kick the shit out your bullies. Try doing it at a karate tournament if you can though!

This is an amazing 'beat down' montage. For several reasons. The fact we get to see Van Damme kick the shit out a lot of people, the brutality of it and more importantly STAN FUCKING BUSH! This song is one of my favourites among the fire up song genre. Not only is it an awesome song to dance and sing to, but it is one of the best songs to work out to.

I love the shit out of this montage because we get to see the different styles that each of the fighters possess. And it is curious to think watching these certain fighters, what background they actually came from. Especially that guy who does that weird jumping crap and looks like he is always ready to play a game of leap frog. Was I the only one who thought that? I also love how at the end of the montage we see Jackson just throwing some poor guy off the runway. It is interesting seeing that because Jackson really isn't too much of a martial artists. He is a brawler, but that is what is so awesome about him and it adds to his charm.

And the last example I will put up in regards to the 'beat down montage 2' is my all time favourite, Kickboxer. As if you didn't know I was going to put this up. Now I want you to see the Supreme edition that a guy has made himself to make it is as uncut as the original VHS version. I will upload you the second part of the fight. In this video you won't see Van Damme getting knocked around but the back story is he hears his brother Eric yell 'Nok Su Kow'. This phrase and seeing him brother say this, inspires him and remind's him of why he is there...to beat the shit out of Tong Po so badly they he and his boss Freddy Li will have to get work  being prostitutes,because there is no way they will get any jobs or respect after this fight. But as you can see, music is played as Kurt kicks the crap out of Tong Po. He has literally gone through hell in this fight, but he knows he needs to avenge his brother. And fuck does he do a KICKASS job of that. 


I really hope you enjoyed the third part to my dedication to the movie montage. Now you are probably thinking, is that it? No no my friend, would I do that? There is still much I have to discuss in terms of different montages. So stick around there will be more to come. 

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