Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Montage = The movie just got REAL Part II

Here we have Part II for my dedication for the movie montage. Now I thought I would try something a bit different. I could do this in order of how a film is portrays it's montages, but since I don't play by anyone else rules I will start Part II off with a dedication to the 'Credit Montage'. You know the ones I mean. The beginning or end credits that have a montage of the film stills or footage from the film or the previous film, if it is a franchise.

This is something I wouldn't expect many people to discuss, but I think this is just as important than the montages we see in the film. You may be asking 'How is this important Jade? Clearly all that medication you are taking is messing with your mind'. Now the medication could have something to do with this, or my love for montage in movies just needs to be expressed in full, so why not include something that is just as awesome? 

I love when a movie uses a montage in the end credits. It's always awesome when you have really loved a movie, but then the end credits turn out to be a montage of the film you have just watched? How the hell can you resist this? A great example of this Rocky V. Sure it is not the best of the Rocky movies. But I think the end credits redeems a lot of the fifth film's crapola qualities.

What is so amazing about the end credits for this particular montage, is that we get to relive all the memories we have from the previous Rocky Movies. Whether they were sad, happy, heartbreaking, and just all round BADASSERY, they all got into your psyche and got you excited. I bet if you just watch this end credits, you are going to want to watch the previous Rocky films...don't act as if you wouldn't. 

Now as I said before I also love opening credit montages. They are just as powerful and they are great for setting the tone for the film. There is several I will mention and the first is a personal favourite of mine. It is from Kickboxer and it has the song 'Streets of Siam' by Stan Bush. This is a magnificent opening, because we see Kurt and Eric Sloane as fresh tourists in Bangkok. Whether we see them buying flowers from some ladies in a boat, or see the very classy prostitute district or even better actually seeing ERIC PICK UP A FUCKING PROSTITUTE, this just shows it will be the last bit of fun they have for a while...because Tong Po is going to crush you Eric. 

The next opening montage I will be using is the amazing opening credits to Rocky III. This truly sets the tone for the film. We see Rocky who is now a heavyweight boxing champion, becoming civilised and less hungry for fights, because let's face it he's finally made it. He is married with a child and he his rich now, everything that is great has fallen into his lap. So when we see Clubber Lang moving up the boxing ranks and being a possible contender for Rocky, we just know shit will get real...so what is a quick way of showing this? A MOTHERFUCKIN' MONTAGE!

And finally I have chosen Bloodsport's opening credits. Why? Well I am obviously a massive fan of Van Damme and his body of work...and just his body too BUT this opening training montage features some of the competitors for the Kumite. And when looking at these competitors in particular it makes you wonder which one of them will challenge Van Damme or which ones he will make look like roadkill. I love the music that is used as well, because while it is calming, it does have a menacing quality to it. It puts you in the mood to fight. I just don't suggest you watch this film, and start shit with a random person, unless you can fight, so by all means challenge away! And also it has BOLO in this opening montage soooooo what the fuck is not to like? 

I seriously could go on forever with these videos and examples, but you would be here all freakin' year listening to me going on about how fucking awesome they are. There are plenty of different examples of the opening and ending credit montages. But I just wanted to show you the best examples out there, and the ones which have made a great effect on the film, and really excited or fired up the viewer. 

The opening and end credits montages are something a lot of people forget. I know that a lot of emphasis is put on training and final fight montages, which is understandable because they are the heart of the film. However without these opening and ending credits, the tone wouldn't be set for the film or wrapped up as neatly.

Hope you have enjoyed this quick little read, and I hope it makes you want to watch these kickass movies!!!

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