Monday, January 28, 2013

Kickboxer = Perfection

Kickboxer is a film which I have grown up with, so this film has been with me since my early childhood. This film was what really started it all in terms of me loving American Martial Art movies and just violent movies in general. Yeah sure it has cheesy parts in it, but it is so damn enjoyable, and I think this should be in every movie buffs collection. I often find that a lot of people don't put Kickboxer in their top 5 Van Damme movies, which is something I find odd, because it really is the best one. It has a real awesome story, I mean who doesn't like a revenge story. But I think this does tend to get overshadowed by Bloodsport a lot. Bloodsport is another one of my favourites of Van Damme's which would be in my top 5, but I just don't think that is as good as Kickboxer.

I would love more than anything to be able to get the true uncut edition that I remember watching over and over again, but alas it is harder to find than Carmen San Diego. For me this does have it all. It has a great storyline, excellent choreography if not brutal, memorable characters especially like Xian and Taylor, and of course one of the most BADASS villains of all time, Tong Po. 

I really do think they need to revisit Kickboxer in a direct sequel. There was Kickboxer 2: The Road Back starring Sasha Mitchell who plays one of the Sloane Brothers. Alas though Van Damme did not make an appearance in this film because his character was killed off, along with his brother Eric and his girlfriend Mylee. But for a sequel I think I would like to see Van Damme and Qissi(Tong Po) - fight to the death once more. Or I think I would love to see a film which is just about Tong Po's character, and why he became the BADASS MOTHERFUCKER that he is. 

And I would like to point out that the soundtrack and score to this movie is pure perfection. The score is by Paul Hertzog, and man did this guy get it right. Sure there are songs that are very relaxing and calming but at the same time, they fire you up. Speaking of firing up, you can't forget Stan Bush's kickass songs which are in this film. 'Streets of Siam' is the film's opening track and it just sets the tone for the film perfectly. His next song 'Fight for Love', is used after Kurt finds out his brother Eric is paralysed. And in this song you can really feel the hurt and emotions that Kurt must be going through. And finally, 'Never Surrender'...There is not enough words to describe how much this song fires me up. It makes you think that you can do anything you want if you just keep fighting, not giving up and of course never surrendering. It's a true 80's fire up song, and I do believe if more music was made like this today, the world would be a way better place to live in. 

Oh and as promised here is the Kickboxer Supreme Edition. I am going to put the last part of the fight up for you because it is BRUTAL and you need to see it!!!! So happy that this guy edited this and made it pretty much perfect! Don't be put off when it changes colours, this guy has pieced this together from different editions of the film to make it as 100% authentic and original as possible. Enjoy my fellow podcastrators :) 


  1. I have reuploaded this to DailyMotion.
    My original version above was taken down off youtube due to a copyright claim by Lionsgate.
    I think you will enjoy this again as it took me a lot of work. If anyone would like this on DVD for a reasonable fee, PM/follow me on Dailymotion theundertaker180


    Hi Jade
    This is now colour corrected all in WIDESCREEN and perfect
    just like the original R18+ Palace version. I hope you enjoy this
    as it took me ages to colour correct all the scenes

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    1. Also, here is the full uncut end fight scene...

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