Sunday, December 16, 2012

What is in a top 10 movie list?

What is in a top 10 movie list of all time? This is the question I ask myself daily. People say it is impossible to have a list like this because there are so many movies and obviously if you are in a certain mood that can affect your choice. 

I believe that it is not impossible. I am one of those kind of people who has seen certain movies literally several hundred times. And I believe it's these movies that we have seen all these times which tap into our brain and make us feel amazing. 

There is nothing worse than reading those movie books which are telling you what they think are the best movies of all time...but they only seem to mention classics, films which made a dent in the box office and films that won a lot of Oscars, and cult and foreign films which seem to only appeal to a select group of people. Well screw that I am here to tell you those lists are wrong...DEAD WRONG. The worst lists are from Empire magazine...the staff that work there are clearly people who tried making movies and failed miserably because they took all their ideas from every David Lynch movie ever made...just sayin. Hey bro just because you like shitty movies does not mean you should make everyone else endure your boring shit!!!

But what about the movies that are not what you would consider to be in these lists? You know the genres I mean; Exploitation, American martial arts, Spaghetti Westerns, Horror, Action etc. These are the kind of movies I grew up with and my best friends did too. And they understand the frustration of these stupid 'Best movies list'. 

A top 10 list shouldn't be just what movies you dig, they should be the movies you love, the ones you can identify with, the ones which have shaped your life and personality. And if you really think about it, you will find your top 10. 

As a kid I grew up loving American martial art movies more than ANYTHING. And they really did shape me, and made me think I was invincible, especially when I was getting picked on by the school bullies for being a hyperactive weird child. It was these movies which made me go into another world and feel awesome. Kickboxer was my favourite Van Damme movie and to this day it still is. This is the movie I just got addicted to and it made me feel so damn awesome. I would imitate the fight with Tong Po with my older brother and we thought this was the greatest movie ever made. Most kids were into the 3 ninjas(which were cool) but man as a child I realised movies as violent as Kickboxer were my kind of flavour. 

See it's memories like this which make me believe that those certain movies are worthy of being in your personal top 10. Sure it's a lot of effort to make these kind of lists, because you have to sift through all the movies you have seen and how they made you feel then and how they make you feel to this day. And if the film still makes you feel incredible...the movie has done its job...VERY DAMN WELL. 

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