Monday, December 24, 2012

My tribute to Van Damme.

Growing up I just idolised one man...

All I wanted was to meet this great man who constantly made me happy with his martial arts, his cheesy lines and...his splits. 
For a long time he hasn't got the recognition or the respect that he truly deserves. But slowly fans are coming out of the woodwork because of one film...Expendables 2. 

Fans are now coming together and bonding over this amazing man again. My love for Jean-Claude Van Damme has never left. The first movie I ever saw him in was Kickboxer and that was when I knew it was love. Every time I watched his movies especially Kickboxer I felt invincible. He made me feel I could do anything and I could beat the shit out of attitude I took around for a while and yes I did beat the shit out of several people who deserved it...Okay the people I beat up didn't paralyse my brother or cut off peoples ears BUT it was still warranted. 

My older brother was the one responsible for me loving martial art movies and loving the movies of Van Damme, and as I grew older my love grew. But unfortunately for my older brother he just thinks martial art movies and Van Damme are a bit of a joke and to that i say GOOD DAY TO YOU SIR!!!! I SAID GOOD DAY!

I remember in year 9 we had school diaries which we had to take with us everywhere and write our homework to do list inside it. Now everyone at the snobby girls school that I went to gave their diary a make over with pretty things and very 'pretty' boys aka Orland Bloom, Johnny Depp(they were the hottest thing at the time...apparently). The front of my diary had a poster of the film Kickboxer, which had Van Damme and Michel Qissi aka Tong Po on it. And then you opened it up and there was pictures of Van Damme, Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren, Bruce Lee, Ralph Macchio and Mike Tyson. As you can see I wasn't an ordinary 14 year old...but these guys made me feel awesome inside and I felt if I liked these movies nothing else mattered.

In year 12 I rented Kickboxer every single week...that actually isn't any exaggeration, that really did happen. I would rent it every friday after school and then run those several kilometres home and watch it again. I get very emotional when I think of Van Damme, because he has been around since I can remember and to this day he still kicks ass. I do remember the first time I saw Kickboxer and it blew my mind. My older brother rented it and I remember not being able to take my eyes away from the screen...even though Tong Po scared the shit out of me as a kid(and many nights I thought he was gonna come and beat the shit out of me), I still loved his character. 

Sure Kickboxer is his best movie by far in my opinion but he has made a tonne of other films which are freakin amazing which are
  • No Retreat No Surrender
  • Black Eagle
  • Cyborg
  • Bloodsport
  • Wrong Bet
  • Double Impact
  • Universal Soldier
  • Nowhere to Run
  • Hard Target
  • Timecop
  • Street Fighter
  • The Quest
  • Maximum Risk
  • Double Team
  • Legionnaire 
  • In Hell
  • JCVD
  • Dragon Eyes
  • Expendables 2
Sure you may be looking at this list and thinking 'Oh those are his better known ones', and yes you are partially correct but not every single one of them did good at the box office, it was because of the true fans out there who will watch whatever movie he does. And all these people that dig what he does will tell everyone they know that will love his movies. Obviously video rental is in decline now but in the 90's people would fight someone over the new Van Damme movie, because that is how in demand he was. He was a household name. And every time an advert came on TV showing you the new Van Damme movie which is FINALLY getting played at 8.30 on Channel 10, you would lose your shit. Don't deny this people, you all fired up. WE ALLLLLLLLLL FIRED UP. 

Van Damme seems to have a stigma attached to himself because of the dumb shit that people associate him with. Sure he has done some shit movies,but which actor has got a clean slate as far as all the movies they have starred in?..NONE. He has made some brilliant movies which fire me up and make me want to kick down trees. 

You know a film maker or an actor has done their job when all these years on you are still watching their movies and they still make you feel awesome. That is how I feel about his movies, hence why I fan girl over them...a lot. 

I have a lot to thank this man for. He has brought me so much happiness and he also made me connect with some of the best pals I could ever ask for...Hence why we are called The Van Damniens. 

Now go and watch Kickboxer...just do it. 


  1. Well done Jade, bloody awesome :-)

  2. Thank you! Everything about Van Damme is bloody awesome! :)

  3. That is cool you have seen Wrong Bet...our title was changed to Lionheart. Van Damme usually delivers...except for Desert Heat. Love Bloodsport, Kickboxer, Knock Off, Universal Solider, and Death Warrant. "I don't play...and i don't puuuuuunk"