Friday, December 14, 2012

Film A.K.A's: Good? or Just Shit?

Yes, whats in a name?
We all have our favorite films or film. We either grew up with it, or we just recently stumbled upon it.
BUT! What if, that film you so love was released with an entirely different name?
Oh my God, I know right, MIND EXPLOSION!!!
 Yeah yeah, I know this shit is obvious! You're saying: "Mate, I know that films aren't always released with the working title attached, 90 percent of the time they change it during pre-production, der."
To that, I say shut up.

How different would your life be if they decided to excise the Judgement Day from Terminator 2: Judgement Day. It would be devastating!!! I mean, I kind of forgot it was even called Terminator 2: Judgement Day, I just call it Judgement Day. Or T-2. It doesnt have that epic ring to it without it. Terminator 2 on its own, is just a sequel (a fucking GOOD sequel, mind you). With the added juicyness of the second half of the title, it ropes you in, and goes "Hey guys, Terminator 2: Motherfucking Judgement Day and shit. End of the world, all that hand jive."

Although, the lesser intelligent may dismiss it for a court drama.

Here are a few movies you may (should) know that almost went to screen (and in some cases DID in other countries) with an entirely diferent name.

ET: The Extra Terrestrial, was at first named Night Skies, and ET was a evil little alien shit, then the tune changed, a new motif was found and they changed the title to...A Boys Life??? Now come on, thats shithouse. They could do better than that surely? Oh yeah, they did.

Chopping Mall, was indeed called Killbots at one stage, and in some countries, still is. However I prefer the title Roboty Smerci. That just sounds dirty. Killbots make a lot more sense than the cash grabbing title of Chopping Mall though. Funnily enough, its about killer robots.

Army Of Darkness, nuff said. For the ignorant, this is the third entry in the Evil Dead trilogy of goofball slapstick horror films by Sam Raimi. So naturally it contained the moniker Evil Dead III. Fitting enough I suppose. Some VHS and even DVD's still carry this title as a sub-title to Army of Darkness. Although, the original title, and a title that still remains on some bootlegged VHS cassettes is Evil Dead III: The Medieval Dead. 

I know I know. Pretty Woman. Well screw you, its actually awesome, and Richard Gere is the man.
Anyway, this film was originally titled 3000. Which is what Gere paid Roberts. Whilst the title may make a bit of sense, it does kind of make it sound like it was set in the future. In the year 3000 to be exact.

There isn't much that can be said about Blade Runner that hasnt been said already, except, watch what you say about it, lest Ridley Scott delete you. 
This film went under a bullshit amount of names before settling on Blade Runner, like the original book title Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep, Android Mechanismo, and the longest lasting Dangerous Days, the latter of which made the grade for the three hour long doco on the making of this film.
Bottom line? Outside of the book title, those other names suck. Blade Runners where it's at.

Other titles that never made the grade, are:
Unforgiven: The Cut-Whore Killings.
Goodfellas: Wiseguy
Star Wars: Blue Harvest
Basic Instinct: Lover Hurts (yeesh)
The Breakfast Club: The Lunch Bunch.
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Head Cheese. (I am not even joking, watch the dvd special features.)

Now while I would rather own The Lunch Bunch on DVD, i am more of a breakfast guy at heart, and know deep down that Eggs and Bakey wins over a sandwich any day of the week.
On that note, enjoy your weekend, and have breakfasts aplenty.

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